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Posted July 28, 2023

Where in Ukraine is the UN?

“The purposes of the United Nations, as set forth in the Charter are: to maintain international peace and security, protect human rights, develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples.”

The League of Nations is the predecessor of the United Nations. It was created in 1920 a couple of years after the end of  WW1, to protect the Earth against war. In their words: “to promote international cooperation and to achieve international peace and security”.

WW1 was triggered by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand; consumed 40M people, and cost $210B.  Because of that horrendous war-experience, war-survivors went on to create the League of Nations and charge it with the task of preventing a  recurrence of the horrific event.

Evidently the League was like Swiss cheese without the curds between the holes.  The man in the riding boots with the little mustache took edvantage of the League’s lethargy and made a mess of the world before the man with the big cigar under the bowler hat did the Fuhrer in. The League became a casualty of war, of the very thing the League was meant to ban. WW2 slaughtered 80M people and cost $4Trillion.

The Dollar figures need to be adjusted for inflation but this I will not bother to do because as CD Howe asserted, such numbers are beyond comprehension, anyway.

The failure of the League accentuated the need for an effective War-stopper and the WW2 survivors did not shun the challenge. They appointed a Committee (I presume),  to investigate the failure of the League and recommend a new institution, free of the faults the League had, to become the effective PeaceKeeper to the World. The Committee came up with the United Nations.

The purposes of the UN, as set forth in its Charter are: “to maintain international peace and security; protect human rights; to develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples.”  It does nothing of the sort.

The UN formed quickly into a self-serving bureaucracy, likely more lethargic than the League. They even substituted  “works to maintain international peace and security”,  in lieu of “maintaining international peace and security”.  This innocuous re-purposing manifests backsliding instead of evolution.

The next entry into the Peace and War industry was NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It parachuted in some four years after the advent of the UN. NATO was geared ostensibly to preserve the Peace by threatening war against any one who may make war to disturb the Peace, or something like that.

One would have expected the UN to tell NATO to get lost and stop meddling in the UN exclusive franchise to Keep Peace on Earth.  Indeed the UN ought to have halted the assembling of the war-oriented NATO, because of its mandate to protect and preserve the Peace and because NATO was a mighty war machine and as such posed a correspodingly serious threat to Peace.

NATO is an aggressive offensive force and its actions have shaped geopolitics on a large scale. It is NATO that declared the Cold War, faught and won it for the West. This whether for the better or for the worse in  matters other then the cause of Peace. What matters is that NATO neutered the UN potency for PeaceKeeping and turned it into a eunuch guarding the harem of War.

But let’s hear the other side to the story. Both the UN and the Government of Canada are duty bound to answer us. Silence is an “answer”, but when they play mute they give us licence to conjure up the answer they deny us. This because we are entitled to answers. Here are a couple of questions for the UN:

1.    When did you apprehend the coming of the Russian – Ukraine war and what did you do to prevent it?

2. What are you doing now to end the slaughter and the destruction?  

I will close with a suggestion to Justin Trudeau:

Buy two pages, spaced a week or so apart, in each and every newspaper in Canada; split each page in two and give the one half to the Russians, the other to Ukrainians; Ask them to “explain” their respective theses on their war. The Second page to be similarly halved and provided them to answer their adversary assertion made in the First Page.

Finally, I recommend Trudeau write an open letter to the UN Secretary, asking him to ask each and all the Nations of the UN to provide similar newspaper facility for their people to hear the “sides” of the war that threatens to blow tthe Earth to smithereens.

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