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Posted October 23, 2020

Politicians Pablumfeeding the Populace

Premier Horgan visited the Lieutenant Governor, “LG”, to tell her he wanted to prematurely renegotiate the employment contract his “Union of MLAs and Affiliated Trades” had signed with the Populace in 2017. Horgan wanted Job Security and protection against rival unions challenging his dominance of the Provinces governing industry. He asked the LG to consent on behalf of the Employer, the People of BC. She readily did; then terminated 64 of the 87 MLAs, (all but Horgan and his 22 Ministers) and fired the starting gun for electioneering to run.

The BC populace who  had mandated and “proxy-ed” the MLAs had shown no dissatisfaction with the Legislature during the time Horgan was Premier, nor were there omens of public discontent gathering on the horizon. On the contrary, the populace was elated at the surprising lull of cockfighting across the fragmentation lines drawn on the floor of the Chamber by the political parties. This was the most peaceful House in living memory and the people appreciated the Legislature working for the people instead of it being an arena were parties battle to supplant themselves for the peoples’ Legislature.

Horgan neither  reasoned that the Legislature was dysfunctional. Nor did the LG  ask Horgan to substantiate his request, at least as far as we know.

Ostensibly Horgan had been appointed to the Premier’s office by the Legislature. He had neither resigned the position, nor had he been fired. He simply wanted the LG to fire the Peoples representatives.

There is no logic in Horgan claiming authority to “fire” the Legislature who had appointed him.  That the Legislature may have lost confidence in the Premier, is a good and valid reason for the Legislature to fire the Premier but not for the Premier to fire the Legislature. What was happening amounts to the tail wagging the dog, but this only catoonists can do.  

The most remarkable aspect of this election is the low intelligence quotient of the Electioneering. Horgan and Wilkinson started their dueling by pilfering public money and using it to bribe the rightful owners of that money. They carry on along that line rapidly lowering the electorate’s expectation of politicians’ astuteness. There is a famine of logic and creativity on the political runway, that is to say, with only one bright star shinging above the streaming  platitudes –  I will return to that shortly.

Horgan offered to pay cash from the public purse to voters. All they have to do, was vote for the Horgan, mix a martini and wait for the money –  very hard to resist bait or bribe. Yes, I heartily support the goverment assisting the people through the pandemic crisis to the full extent of their needs. – But I resent exploiting the pain people struggle to cope with for the sake of the Premier’s “job security”.

Wilkinson countered Horgan with a year of PST tax-free shopping to be followed by  a 40% PST tax “permanent” discount for an unspecified duration. “The more you buy, the more you save”.  

Then the pair turned “historical”, each accusing the other about “errors in hospital  funding” which their parties had made in times past. But  stayed clear of some highly significant events. For example: Wilkinson kept quiet about the NDP under  Glen Clark building the aluminum Catamaran Pusificat Ferries.  Horgan reciprocated by turning a blind eye to the Liberals under Gordon Cambell affecting the paving over of the most fertile land of Canada with the monstrous 1.2 Million sf “Tsawwassen Mills” Mall and the additional amazing 0.5 Million sf Amazon warehouse.  

Now for the bright light. Sonia Fusteneau raised the 4-day work week issue. This is a pivotal issue, a hub with many spokes, or rather a crucial spoke of a hub, the whole system of which urgently needs serious consideration. For unless we get a handle on it, we cannot  meet the challenges we face, that  of bringing society in sync with modern times. This is not an elective, it is a must , for turning a blind eye to it seriously exacerbates a host of ill effects we suffer without recognizing it happens. The 4-day week is already long overdue and equally long suppressed.

What is significant, is  that Fustineau raised  this matter. She should be proud of that as much as the two other Premiership suitors should be ashamed if they fail to roll up their sleeves and help her to get the ball rolling.

No space for more now, but I shall return.
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