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Posted November 20, 2020

PickPocketing $65,000,000, to buy “$650,000 Job Security and political arrogance"

Word is out: John Horgan is to be the Father Superior in the House down there by the Victoria Harbour. He controls 56 (plus himself) MLAs, all “pre-committed” to protect him against Democracy.

How did this come to be?  The “explanation” has gone viral.  Horgan, the daredevil he was born to be, gambled something and won Big. No one said Horgan gambled “for us”, for after all, we had not mandated him to gamble for us.  

So meteoric is his fame that rumours abound that Donald Trump is eager to lure John South of the Border to fix up things for him, too. But do not celebrate, for John would not betray us.

The media singing in unison the Ode to the Gambler causes illusions of heroism, as if Horgan had jumped into crocodile-infested waters to save a child from the jaws of a crocodile. Or as if he had galloped, lance in hand, to save in the nick of time a maiden stalked by a fierce fire-spitting dragon, in the noble St. George style. Well, Horgan’s “risk and win” story is nowhere near that class. He is not David (the one with the slingshot), Eliza Doolittle, or the little steam Loco that  made it up the steep hill to the mountain ridge.

Horgan had climbed to Premier’s office and was shored up therein for three and a half years  by exploiting the feeble sense of loyalty of Liberal-elected MLA Darryl Plecas and the  Green Party’s quest for a Proportional Representation electoral system. He also benefitted from Wilkinson conducting himself in a gentlemanly manner and dutifully in the face of the Pandemic, supplanting cooperation for “opposition”.  One would have expected Horgan to appreciate all that, but this proved not to be. An “opportunity” was generated by the Pandemic and Horgan jumped at it to prolong his stay at the top. Fearing that the opportunity may not last until the October 2021 scheduled election, he abused the powers entrusted in a Premier to cause the Election a year prematurely.

To do that he broke the “contract” he had with the BC electorate; he caused the MLAs, the peoples’ representatives, to be fired from their posts and the Legislature to shut down; he smeared the Liberals and the Greens, instead of expressing gratitude for their cooperation; he tore up a contract he had signed with the then leader of the Greens, the “over-pliable” Andrew Weaver;  and yes, he “forgot” what he owed Darryl Plecas for tweaking the Nanaimo by-election to keep him in power.   

Horgan launched his electioneering by lying to society; and carried through affronting  Democracy to the end of the campaign. He lied by commission, proclaiming a “need to neuter the potency “minority” government bestows on the “Loyal Opposition”. He lied by omission too as, for example, suppressing information about the cost of the election. Imagine the difference it would make if he had “explained” to us his decision to waste some $60 Million in an utterly unnecessary election” while people were gasping for help to endure the Pandemic. Power corrupts and Horgan wanted more of it, for he found it sweet.

Horgan offended Democracy when he entirely Czarismatically decreed that he “knows best” when it is in the public interest to dismantle the society’s  Legislature. It is his to chose the most opportune time for himself and the most adverse for his opponent for a “Fair” election. It was his to heed or toss out the will of the people who had expressed aversion to that election when they saw Horgan salivating for one.

Let’s bean-count a bit. Horgan “gambled” a year of “governing” us restrained by the usual checks and balances, against  four years of “governing” us virtually unfettered by checks and balances. That is all it boils down to.

This 3-year extension of “job security” will yield Horgan $645,000.  To pay for that and for  the additional arrogance,  he lifted from our purse some $65,000,000 to pay for the election.

Still fearful that people would discern what he was doing, he raided the public purse again for $1,400 Million and supper-baited a long line with $1,000 per hook and cast it. Under any circumstances such bait would be irresistible but in a society ravaged by a Pandemic with many people in need of survival money, the appeal had enormous dimensions. Arrogant Horgan amplified the bait by warning that if he is not voted in,  the $1,000 “will be at risk”.

The latest affront to Democracy came when Horgan unabashedly told us, that he would summon the MLAs to rubber-stamp the $1,000 bribe and the other costs of his “re-election”. Why should we boother to mandate “our” representives in the Legislature I Horgan it to tell them what to vote for?

But did Horgan really  “win”?  Are “the wages of bribe” a “victory to celebrate”? Are ingratitude, deception opportunism ingredients of a “Leader’s win”?

We need summon Horgan to answer questions people have and we need this to be done “personally”, he and us. Sidetrack the “commissioners” and the other PRofessional “Truth brokers”. Let’s talk directly,  let’s have a “populace – government” intercourse on the wide open field of Reason, it all to unfold in front of the public eye.
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