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Posted December 6, 2019

Laundering Islands 2050 in the Swim Pool

Willy-nilly we pay for it, they do it onto us and we must foil it if we are to avert more of  the pain it is designed to cause us.  I am talking about “Islands 2050!” (yes, with the exclamation mark!). It is costly and it is forced upon us by the Trust seeking to supplant this folly for the restructuring of the Trust which remains pending since the September 2017 SSI referendum on Urbanization. Their strategy is to deceive the populace by feeding us pablum and talking poppycock, as they have done in the past, aiming to make us give up.

The sorry story, succinctly said, is: After the SSI Urbanization Referendum of September 9, 2017, a consensus was formed that the Trust is overdue for a radical revamp. The Trust jointed in, not to help but to be a “Fifth Column”, as is thence evidenced.

The Trust managed to suppress action on the reconstruction “consensus” for a year, 2018, to let the dust settle. At year’s end, on December 18, 2018, while we were looking at Christmas turkeys and stuff,  Chairman Luckham of the Trust moved submarine quietly and fired a letter to Minister Robinson asking her to “change” the Trust for the worse, to empower it to do onto the populace more of that which prompted the consensus for changing the Trust.

I believe that the Minister wrote Luckham that the change must have public support before being considered by the Ministry. As far as I know, the reply to Luckham’s epistle was quickly closeted, “cleverly” re-purposed from “consultation” to “deception” and is now presented re-branded “Islands 2050!”.

Evidently the Trust is agitated and hyperactive subsequent to the ministry’s refusal to play their game. They budgeted $115,000 to hire the “Be the Change” consultants to manage the fake public involvement so as to result in the Trust desiderata, to protect and preserve the Trust’s relentless pursuit of islanders activities which to “regulate” with an iron bureaucratic fist in a kid-leather glove.

On  November 29, 2019, I attended the Islands 2050! “Vision Booth” at the SSI Swimming Pool. I went prepared with a list of questions, the bare essential to understanding the Vision dispensed in the Booth. Habitually in such events I pursue answers to questions I have and I am unreceptive to answers on the “questions” the organizers goad me to ask and which fit the “answers” they want me to have. It is exercising my unwritten but implied “right of freedom of curiosity”.

As  it turned out, at the Booth I had a sensible and constructive, I think, conversation with Trustee Laura Patrick. I handed her a copy of the questions I had taken there and I am now anxiously awaiting the answers.  Sorry I have not yet answers to offer, but I will report in the next issue.  For now I will copy here my list of questions.

“ISLANDS 2050!

Questions for the SSI “engagement” –  November 29, 2019 event:

1. Name the consultant(s) involved in the Islands 2050! scheme, at any stage, from  its inception onward.

2. Identify the instrument(s), such as Council or ExCom decision, empowering the Islands 2050! c/w the record of the process that lead to that decision.

3. Is the Islands 2050! meant to address, wholly or partly, the consensus for Trust reform made the morning-after the 2017 SSI Referendum?

4. Where does the pursuit of the hallucinatory Islands 2050! leaves the pragmatic quest for a fundamentaly changed Trust, now?

5. Who initiated and who produced each of the:

               a) “Islands 2050!” webpage

               b)  “Islands 2050: The Future of the Trust Area” video

               c) “Get Involved! Get Engaged! Here is How:” treatise

              d) “Information Boards used at open houses”  Infographics

             e)  “Introduction” the inspirational video Chairman Luckham reads to rouse us in the mood for the Islands 2050! discourse.

6. Given that at this juncture, the road to the future is paved with “unknown unknowns” (as defined by D. Rumsfeld); and that we have not been apprised of crystalball or entrail readings for the 30-year period at issue, explain why Islands 2050!  is more than an exercise in wishful thinking, launched for “unspeakable” ends. (e.q.  who in 1915 could have predicted the “October [1917] Revolution” ?)

7. Quantify the plausible expected “net benefit” from the Islands 2050! enterprise, viewed against the “unknown unknowns” and the uncertainty of predictions at this intense societal – technological vortex into which we are currently swept.”

Tom V
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