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Posted January 12, 2024

Scarecrows in the Garden Political

USA President Joe Biden is in the saddle of his White House horse, lance in hand St. George style, determined to spear the fire-breathing Dragon (Donald Duck Trump), to save hapless Maiden Democratia.  Joe is spending $5M to let Americans know about the lurking Dragon, lest someone miss The Trump.

This is not the first time Democratia has been imperiled, the first was when spreading to the Roman Empire.  Its predator, Christianism, blackened civilization and went on to break the people into lifelong servitude to the Clergy’s “copyrighted” God.

Closer to our times the guy with the little mustache and riding boots trampled the German Parliament, made himself a “Fuhrer” and did WWII.  It cost humanity some 38,000,000 lives.  WWII left the world short of children to fire cannons and children to feed to cannons, making war problematic.  But worry not.  Freedom-loving folk, like John Foster Dulles, inspired by Aristophanes’ Lysistrata”, re-“invented” the Swordless war, tagged it “Cold War” and ravaged the world. T hey split the Globe into hemispheres and set them against each other.  Localized hot wars kept flaring up, however casualties were kept low in numbers, to levels the people could be trained  to tolerate.  Such “fair” wars were  the Korean War (5,000,000 dead) and the Vietnam War (3,000,000 dead) – “only”!
The Cold Warriors succeeded where the Vatican failed, which was to eliminate the competition and become Catholic (= Universal).  They named the feat “Globalization” for PR reasons.  Could this be the darkest part of the night just before the dawn, or the Apocalypse? Too early to predict, I guess ...
In 1986 Father Trudeau did the Canadian Constitution.  He did not risk involving us in making one, instead he dusted off the 1867 British North America Act, and “patriated” it to Canada, perhaps to evoke optics of self-colonization.  But he added the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Rights such as the right to vote at least twice per decade;  and the right to walk the streets free for as long as a judge does not jail us in.  

I have read the Constitution and I do not recall finding in it any protection against War.  I know of nothing that if embedded in a Constitution would spare a nation Radiation Annihilation.  But this makes more urgent the evasion of the eventuality, yet we are “led” to the opposite.  I recall an RCAF pilot bragging on TV that a spent-shell he had in his hand was the first Canada fired “in anger” since the Korean War.  The “anger” he was referring to was Canada’s “anger” against the imaginary “Weapons of Mass Destruction” which Saddam Hussain was getting ready ro rain on us!  By now we were defeated in Afganistan, have a military base of 1,000 soldiers in Latvia, and more. How kind of us ...

In 2015 Trudeau the Son came up with the “Democratic Deficit” election slogan.  That  Deficit he insinuated was impacting the “Just Society” his Dad had created for us.  He won the election, but it dawned on him that the system is not so bad after all.  To protect that system from his own solemn promise to destroy it, he appointed Maryam Monsaf Minister to eradicate the “Democratic Deficit”.  Her CV was short on that but  defiantly she plunged headlong in the democratization of Canada file.  In a clever move, she hired a consultant for the job.  After taking the pulse of the nation, the consultant informed Maryam that the populace love the Demo-crisis as it was and loath tweaking it.  She passed it on to PM Just-in who readily apologized for having mis-perceived a “democratic deficit” and went on to abide by the Democracy “science” done by the Consultant.  Al Gore once remarked there is no social “science” that cannot be produced and sold to people pre-conditioned to behave as told by the PRofessional  persuaders.

Biden, the Trudeaus, and  other “leaders”, most likely hallucinate being purveyors of Democracy to the people.  Such a belief is a symptom of Power Corruption.

After Jesus Christ, there is not much Democracy left to be lost. That Joe Biden and the Trudeaus can claim with a straight face being St. George to millions of people, manifests the vacuity of the system that produced them.  If indeed 333M Americans, 33M Canadians, and countless others, depend on persons like Biden and Trudeau to determine whether or not shall be democratically governed, something is seriously wrong,  

Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address phrase  "government of the people, by the people, for the people” is a catchy adage, but suffers substantial verbiage resulting in inexactitude.  The notion of Democratia is delineated by its originators and is clear and short: “Societal Self-Governance”; the rest is suntanning in the shade.

Democracy is the regime where people are in charge of their society and masters of their destiny; of people who honour the innate entitlement of their children to a “better” world.  Biden, Trudeau and the rest of their lot are not the “People governing themselves”.  They are the antithesis of that, they are a product of the suppression of the human right, the ultimate one, the Right to be Human.

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