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Posted October 21, 2023

Politicians Playing Stupid to Hide Complicity

Like father like son, Trudeau dismantles Canada. Back in 1983-85 Pierre Trudeau did the “Scientific Research and Tax Credit “SRTC” folly. He touted it as being a brilliant way to make us think and invent gadgets and other things to sell to the rest of the world for “profit” to sustain the “Just Society” Father Trudeau had created  on the “Land [that he had made] strong” for us to thrive on. The “SRTC” would pay Private Enterprise a few Dollars to do the gadgets, Trudeau would sell them for many Dollars to the world, and  waves of “SRTC” Dollars would roll on to our shores.

Entrepreneurs, you know where from, flew to  Canada, rented rooms and established “Research Centres”.  They collected the SRTC money Trudeau blew their way,  and flew back to where they came from. Research is like fishing -  a catch is not guaranteed, eh?

In his father’s footsteps, in 2018, Son Trudeau adroitly conducted his government to proclaim Housing a “Human Right”. He created a bureaucracy to administer that new human right and endowed it with $40B. But the Housing problem would not subside. The cries for relief kept on growing louder. And what did Trudeau do? In 2023 he sent West Minister Sean Fraser to buy $500M worth of answer to the  problem-without- cause.    

The Trudeaus are not fixable. The housing problem was preventable and although it is mushrooming, it is still fixable. The treatment was developed 2 ½ Millennia ago in Greece, it being the “Analysis and Synthesis” procedure, the keystone of Western Civilization. It is based on the observation that many matters are misnamed “questions” while they are really clusters of questions. Incidentally, an elementary question can be answered by “yes”, “no” or “I do not know”.  Accordingly, a cluster-question is broken for consideration to its elements. This is the “Analysis” stage.

The second stage is to judiciously combine the answers to element-questions and construct the answer to the cluster - question. This is the Synthesis stage of the procedure. In a sense, it is the application of the divide and rule method – you cannot break a bundle of sticks but you can break the bundle a stick at a time.

An element question: “is this teacup empty? Yes, No, Let me look.

A cluster question: “is it day or night?” This comprises many parameters: Latitude and longitude of the locale; date of the year; time of the day; the definition of “day”: is it the interval between sunrise and sunset? ; is the sunrise and sunset to be determined at the geographic elevation of the locale or at “mean sea level”, (“elevation 0"); is atmospheric refraction to be corrected?   

I chose these examples for two reasons: One is to exemplify the difference between a question and a cluster of questions. The other being that the detail of the analysis & synthesis process is determined by (a) the degree of ignorance or ”tolerance of inexactitude” if you will, and (b) by the importance of the overall matter at issue.
People are gifted to various degrees with a capacity to do all these steps  subconsciously. “He has a knack for that”, we say.

Albert Einstein put it in simpler terms: While delineating the problem, he said, the answer usually pops up by itself. Conversely, I say: gnorance of the problem precludes solution.

Housing availability or shortage is a highly consequential matter. Spending like a drunken sailor, without knowing the cause of the problem, is downright stupid.

Recently  I visited the Housing shortage twice in this forum: On July 14, with the “The human Right to Housing”. This on the occasion of the Salt Spring Island Trust branch-plant contemplating blanketing the Island with “Associated Dwelling Units”, ADU for short.  “Associated” being chosen, likely by a “deception consultant”, to displace “Additional” because the latter would expose the catastrophic  consequences ADU would have on the island. And on us who for half-a-century endured  the Trust, ostensibly to protect the island against the very thing the Trust is  now contemplating doing to us.

The other visit, on August 19, was on the occasion of Trudeau dispatching to our shores Housing Minister Sean Fraser, to entice already overworked contractors, to build more housing.

It is unbecoming intelligent people to spout out costly and painful “solutions” to a problem they do not understand, or fake ignorance about, so as to hide their complicity in causing it. We the people have the right to hold them accountable and they have the duty to answer our questions. With that in mind, I challenge them to tell us:

What “causes” the Housing shortage?

How are you to eliminate the “cause(s)” ?

How do you think that you can alleviate  the Housing Shortage locally, be it in SSI or BC while it rages in the rest of Canada?

Our ears await your voice ...

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