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Posted June 30, 2023

Trudeau drains the pond to save the fish from drowning

Abe Lincoln asserted that “You can fool all people some of the time and some people all the time.  But you can never fool all people all the time.”  This adage is quoted as testimony to Democracy being resilient and safe from its prime predators, the politicians.  

This may have been credible in Abe’s times, but it is no longer.  In the interim, living has become very complex; the dismal art of deception has become pervasive and highly “sophistry-cated”, rivalling the pulpit of the Dark Ages; the upbringing of the young focuses on preparing them for subservience, rendering us, the society prone to dominance, much like horses are trained to pull carriages and plows.  The establishment ruthlessly abuses these to control us, oblivious of the effect this has on us, on them, on the entire flora and fauna, on the whole Earth, really.

On June 3-5, the Liberal Party of Canada held a convention in Ottawa to figure out how to win the next election so as to keep on “governing” the 40M of us.  They churned out resolutions on things to do and these I sampled on June 16.  Since then a kafuffle propped up about resolution #24: “Combatting Disinformation in Canada”.  It was sneaked through like contraband when all but  200 delegates had bolted out of the Convention hall.  It turned out to be a fragmentation-bomb, as it hit the whole political community and came under fire by all  Parties, including the Liberals themselves.  They all reacted in unison, like addicts suddenly cut off their “poison”.  

However, before the flare-up some Libs rushed to cash in, instinctively I presume, bragging about the ethical stamina of their lot.  They had bravely resolved to slay the dragon of “disinformation” and disperse the deluge of “fake news”, they bragged.  They were quickly lassoed in by the Party Whips and ordered to repent publically lest they inhibit the Party’s effort to quash the foes of public disinformation. Resolution #24 was a faux pas the Libs declared to assure the political community that they are not turn-coats, that they would not compromise the politicians’ entitlement to lying.  The PMO assured all and sundry that the Libs stand erect like the “traditional” Trudeau Salmon Arm finger, against the foes of Public Misinformation.  The PMO “would never put a bill forward the way the party proposed” by that Resolution #24, they categorically proclaimed.

Instead, of remorse Trudeau emulated his father’s “Just watch me” inanity, rudely  proclaiming “He would never do Resolution #24", that he would not interfere with the Flood of Fakes.

Here he is, Justin Trudeau on a white horse much like St. George, lancing fiercely the Maiden to protect the Dragon.  What an original!

But to attack Motherhood is damnable, even at the “Condom Makers and Allied Trades” convention.  Freedom of Speech is  the “motherhood” of Freedoms, revered as such in all “free” societies, and persecuted the most in all dictatorships. But the Ottawa crowd explained their stand.  Freedom of Speech, they “reasoned”, enables them to tell the voters the truth as well as to expose the lies their unworthy opponents utter!

Prohibition of disinformation would result in a famine of lies to be exposed and this would detract from the appeal freedom of speech has.  Since “freedoms” must be revered and protected, the Liberals would protect the emission of disinformation lest it starve the Freedom of Speech from lies to expose.

The extension of freedom of speech to include lying is fatal to Truth.  It is like adding two scoops of nails to breakfast serial – nobody would eat the mixture.  When the “information” can be either truth or lies, people tend the reject the truth for fear of it being lie.  Hence truth is no more...

It is already happening.  The anti-virus app publishers thrive and David Johnston, the ex GG, wrote a book on “Trust” in a futile effort to stem Distrust.  Ironically, we refused to trust him when Trudeau retained him as “Rapporteur” for us.   We already are like the Tower of  Babel constructors paralysed, but not by language but by mistrust, both being equally toxic to cooperation.

All politicians readily joined in the defence of Misinformation against the forces of Truth.  As for it killing the truth, they suggest we accept it as mere “Collateral Damage”, kind of the ticket-price we pay to see the  political clowns in the circus tent. Not unlike the clergy who project Hell to protect Heaven, for if the former expires if the latter would die.

No, we do not need be “led” by “leaders” who cannot survive the elimination of “Public Misinformation”.  No, we need not be lead by “leaders” who cannot tell truth apart from lies.

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