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Posted April 12, 2021

Darryl Plecas would call for Covid Masks With Barf-Bags

On the last day of March Peter Luckham wrote a “commentary” in the Times-Colonist about current activities of the Trust. He fears that the Trust is misunderstood and islanders misled by demagogues about Trust priorities.  He took pen to paper and started pumping lead at the lightbulbs to make it dark so as to protect the Trust’s posterior. Just like squid do.

Luckham is leading the Trustistas  in an unending battle against the  2017 “Consensus” to Change the Trust – that is all this is about. The Government of BC, a party to the Consensus, has rejected Luckham’s  advances because in a Democracy it is the people who design the government. Reversing the order, as the Trust seeks to do, results in trouble.

But the Trust just does not get it.  Trustistas are Czarismatic characters, unwilling to let go of  the system they have become accustomed to. But the people  fight back and will keep at it  till the Trust gets it in or it goes out.  

It is hard to change those in power. It is hard to push back an invasive bureaucracy. The Trust waggled its way into the Consensus to become a fifth column and have managed to silence the parties to Consensus, all but the citizenry and the Government of BC. The latter rejects  the advances of the Trust for the lack of public support, and the Trust reacts by  spending public money hand over fist on consultants to attire it in the garb of benevolence and make it appear being the term of peoples endearment.

The Trust effort is multifurcated. The “Islands 2050" and its siblings  are “cleverly” designed to steal public “commitment” to live with the Trust for the next 30 years.  

Another scheme is the exploitation of indigenous people. The “idea” being to forge a special relationship that would make Changing the Trust appear being an attack on aboriginal citizens.

The Council recognized that the BC government would not give in to Trust’s whims and that the populace would not consent to the Trust neutering the Consensus. To overcome this hurdle, they took matters into their own hands.

Since they are empowered to protect and preserve unspecified “unique natural amenities”, the clever bunch they are, decided to proclaim affordable housing and similar things as being “unique natural amenities”. Presto Housing, Transportation and more, are taken under the wing of this thoroughly benevolent Trust.

Ditto for the Council decision Luckham immodestly calls “Trust  historic motion” by which the Trust  “committed to define cultural heritage as a unique amenity.”

The nonsense thickens, as Luckham writes: Islands Trust will continue to protect island and marine environments as stated in the Islands Trust mandate.”

Booth Canal is a most photographed inlet, a prominent “unique natural amenity” of SSI. The Canal is dying because the Trust, before and during Luckham’s watch, has spared no effort to “preserve and protect” the cause of the demise of Booth Canal namely the Groyne erected in 1974 in the mouth of the Canal. I am an applied scientist specialist  in Sedimentation and Tidal Hydraulics, a P. Eng (re-tired and rolling) –  For a dozen years I have been trying to get the Trust to honour its mandate to reverse the decline of the  Canal.

The Trust lied by denying  jurisdiction over the Canal. I rebutted this idiotic claim but all to no avail –  they kept on playing stupid.

Eventually “they” claimed having been advised by two secret shy-entists that my diagnosis and remedy for the Canal is  wrong. But the “shy-entists” would not lift the paper bags from their heads and the Trust kept on pretending to believe the phantoms in the paper-bags.

Next “they” orchestrated the “May One 2013 Sheila Malcolmson Research Plan on the state of Booth Canal to answer Dr. Varzeliotis’s concerns”. They selected RPM Hartley do the research, and she discover the Canal needed “Water Hydrology” –  yes she did!

The  “Water Hydrology” idiocy migrated into a  fake “letter of advocacy” for the Canal  Peter Grove wrote or pretended to have done.

One more History-making sham: The Trust “is in a process of renewing itself today; this is a historic time” Luckham in a state of awe writes. The Trust makes history for the second time. But this is not really a DIY job – they pick from our pockets $75,000 to pay consultants to do it for them. But so what?

All converge to make a big lie, one they perpetrate to kill the 2017 Consensus to Change the Trust. That is not all I find wrong, but will have to do. At least for now ...
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