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Posted April 22, 2021

Is Canada demonizing itself?

This column should be read in conjunction with my June 28 2019
Column “To apologize or not to apologize” on and in
The Market Place.

The Pandemic has been a windfall for politicians pursuing job security. One after the other the “leaders” of several Provinces  “took the risk”, as they immodestly put it, to get re-elected while the people were pre-occupied with the pandemic. Trudeau did not  but the pandemic goes on and omens show he may “risk it “ too.

A tale-telling event surfaced on April 14th 2021, 13 days after April Fools Day. Trudeau cast his apologies baited line in the Italian-Canadian pool figuring large in the quilt of pools that make up the map of Canada. This casting for votes is another flare-up of a
serious malaise ravaging the nation for decades already.  It is a serious matter on the upswing and unless we, the people, stop them, we will be herded where we do not want to go and from where there would be no easy escape.

Trudeau is not the originator of the “divide-and-rule” method for subverting a society. Julius Cesar and Niccolo Machiavelli used it before him. But surely Trudeau is devout in his tactic and a prominent practitioner of it.

Google “Trudeau apologizing” and be in awe. Try, if you dare, to count the hundreds of images depicting Trudeau spitting out apologies. Look at him faking empathy for the “victims”  and condemnation for the cruel Canadians who caused so much human suffering to so many people! The plethora of images gauges the extent of the exploitation of the sacred dead done for votes.  Trudeau and his ilk lead us to feel sorrow for having the misfortune to be born to such terrible ancestors.

He and his pals are sacrilegious to our ancestors. They hit in a cowardly fashion, secure in that those they malign will not rise to eye-ball them. They drag the dead to the gutter and intimidate decent people to be silent, lest they speak out in defense of those who cannot answer for themselves.

For extra strength, they pick the public purse to complement their apologies with cash. They pay the descendants of the alleged victims to express relief and applaud the politicians who “heal” them. What a sight to behold!

A Rt. Hon. PM of Canada depicts himself and his elves teaching us the people of Canada to be ashamed of ourselves, for merely being our ancestors’ descendants. He prods us to decry our history and to disconnect from our roots. He projects us as being guilt-ridden, madly buying forgiveness for our ancestors for wrongs such as the incarceration of Italian-Canadians in the 1940s in the heat of WWII.

They are in effect shredding the social fabric, fragmenting and ghetto-izing the society. With the “divide-and-rule” regime, what they call “multiculturialism” they mutilate the social body and “de-unify” society. They are making Canada resemble a ball of herring where every fish vies to survive at the loss of the others. They drive us to kneel and pray for forgiveness for alleged ancestral sins, voiced, out of context and of time. Trudeau and his likes are recklessly demonizing those who made Canada what it is and what is left for us to enjoy.

We need to stand tall, heads held high bragging about the Canada our ancestors handed us. We owe it to them to carry on looking forward and upward, confident of what Canada can do, forever seeking to excel and remaining “pioneers.

These politicians work hard to conceal their betrayal of Canadian ideals and to hang on to the power to do us more harm. They preserve and protect the bad aspect of the establishment against democracy. To divert the public eye away from the wrongs they themselves perpetrate. It is our duty to stop them attacking those to whom we owe so much and who are not here to defend themselves.

I am asking them to dry their crocodillian tears, to open their eyes to the current wrongs that impeded our resolve and desire to build the road to a better future. This is what matters for us and for the world and those who expect us to light the way to a better future.

I dedicate this column to my Uncle George Papaschinas, Honorary Consul of Italy imprisoned in 1941 during WWll for being who he was. He would like that.

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