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Posted December 18, 2023

God and Dog are mutually anagrammatic

Indeed, both God and Dog personify love. It has been said that God made man in his own image however, we do not know as much about the making of dogs.  But there is a story of an “unaffectionate” spouse  yelling to affection-starved other-half: “If you wanted to marry for love you should have married a dog”.

The original perception of God was proper: He personified the “Cause of the Unknown”. He caused tides to flood and ebb, cows to bear calves, the day to come after the night and  the eggs to hatch into chicks. Perhaps the most puzzling of them all, is the fate of “life” after we die.

“Antiquity” denotes the dawn of civilization. The Greeks of antiquity learned the existence of “unknowns” and visualized their immensity. Characteristically, Socrates, billed then “The wisest of men”, insisted that all he knew was infinitesimal, merely a drop in the ocean, in modern vernacular. Aristotle, another bright light, counsels “Aien Aristevein” (= Forever seek to excel ], which also attests to knowledge having no bounds.

The Greeks build a “Dodecatheon” (= 12 Gods). Driven by their  awareness  of the unknown, they provided for future expansion of the pantheon, a vacant seat to accommodate an “Unknown God”, if the need ever arises.  It proved an imprudent move.

Apostle Paul noticed the opportunity and recognized its  Achilles-heel potency. He seized the chance and explored it adroitly. He went to the Agora of Athens, then the  epicentre of Civilization, and told the Athenians that Jesus Christ was the God they had anticipated for the vacant 13th Pantheon seat. He took advantage of the Athenians’  thirst for knowledge to usher the agent of destruction into the heart of civilization. Not unlike the Greeks had sneaked destruction into Troy in the belly of that hollow Trojan Horse, immortalised by Homer.  Paul sat himself in seat No 13, as the agent of the hitherto Unknown God and quickly eliminated the 12 hospitable Gods who had naively welcomed Paul into their fold.
This travesty of Trust became an enormously significant milestone in the history of Humanity, as it established a beachhead for Christianism in Europe. It ushered in the Dark Ages, many relics of which we suffer to this day.
At this point I will interject a short personal story. In my school days in Greece, “Religion” was a “primary” course – failing it meant repeating the whole school year. It sounds cruel or stupid – it was both.  As part of the course we were forced to memorize one of Apostle Paul’s “Epistles to the Corinthians”. I think it was his number two. I refused  because the text was linguistically and logically poor. The teacher kept on calling my “debt” in class, seeking to shame me into memorizing it, but I didn’t give in. Close to school year-end he  gave me an ultimatum: If I could memorize Lamartin’s poem “Le Lac” and promise to keep my mouth shut about that, he would give me a passing mark. What a  blessed relief that was! In later years I learned that the  school master who was teaching me math and other teachers had twisted the arm of the Theologue for that.  Indeed, it was the teacher of Literature who had chosen the “le Lac” catalyst.  

Hell and the Devil are creations of the Clergy who own and operate the religion industry. It is they who created the Vindictive God and played him to impose the Dark Ages on us.

In recent times Christmas has been disparaged. Prime causes of that is Secularism and MultiReligion-anism.  Secularism has been on the rise since Victor Hugo had the archbishop of Notre Dame suggest that the Gutenburg press would defeat the message propagated  by Cathedrals and the Clergy.

MultiReligion-alism is the result of population shifts driven by population explosion. This, was triggered by the shortage of labour in countries like Germany,  France and England caused by the decimation of young people by WWII and the dire need for labour to  reconstruct the human habitat that WWII had turned into rubble. The guest workers stayed put and kind of colonized the employer countries. They became the “scouts” of large groups of refugees fleeing overpopulation.  

Multiculturalism by definition defeats the amalgamation of “groups” into a Nation and strains  symbiosis. Such groups pursue “Equality” by Multiculturalism, to wit, the Majority shedding bit-by-bit its culture last it interferes  with any of the newcomer cultures. This spreads to everything, including holy holidays. Although not yet forbidden, using the word “Christmas” has become damnable. It is a lose-lose situation, all around.
Now, I will digress to go do what I yearly  do, and I suggest you do too: Read aloud Francis Church’s masterpiece: “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!”. A joy forever.
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