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RAR Riparian Area Regulation

Subsequent to the British Columbia Fish protection Act, the Provincial government delegated to the Local Governments the implementation of the Riparian Areas Regulation. The  Islands Trust, in turn, passed to the Local Trust Committees the task. The Salt Spring Islands Local Trust Committee, moved to do that in 2010, but encountered unprecedented public objection to the Way they went about it and retraced.

In 2012, they started at it again and determined to do it their way moved about in a manner Democracy exist to prevent. By the end of 2014 they did bylaw No. 480. This Bylaw reflects well the inappropriate means they deployed to misinform and disinform the citizenry. The result, if left to stand will impact unduly the people of SaltSpring.

In the room of the AlcyHome we will tell the way the Trust went about it because it need to be exposed for it portrays the “corporate philosophy” of the Trust; and because it is bad Bylaw in need for change; and because it is material to deciding the current effort of concerned citizens to distance the society from the Trust.

September 9, 2016We All are Together in the RAR Cauldron
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