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Posted November 3, 2023

Sentencing 25,300 Innocents to Labour For Life

On October 24, 2023 the CBC news page opened with two items-of-interest.  The item In the left top corner was:

“Federal Court approves $23B first nations child welfare settlement”

This is the headline. The article reveals that the $23B is for starters only. Near  the end  the reader learns that the “$23B” covers the “historic” part of the “settlement”. And that it includes an additional “$20B” earmarked for “long term reform” (whatever this may mean) doubling the total to “$43B”. This without counting in the lawyers’ bills which are in the $80M mark for each side!

The “settlement” culminates a 15 year procession of a claim that Ottawa had discriminated against indigenous people and provided deficient child welfare.

In the top right  corner of the CBC page is an advertisement that reads:

“Almost 2 Million Food Bank Visits in Canada. In a Month.
It’s time to say we’ve had enough.
Change can’t wait. Have your voice heard today.”.

This pair makes the CBC page into a tragic collage: Hungry people begging for food, here, now. Two million times every month Canadians visit a “charity” to feed themselves. Two million times a month Canadians swallow their pride and submit their dignity to a charity for food!

I appreciate the work the Food Bank people do and the kindness of all involved. But I would rather see them go fly a kite instead of packing up food for the needy. This  because there should be no “needies”. A hunger-free state of affairs is as it should be. Nothing to brag about,  just normal.

Why do we have “needies” if normally such should not be? Why are foodbanks everywhere if they are an aberration? Simple my dear Watson, Sherlock Holmes would answer: Because we have been broken, made to “grin and bear it”, as Father Trudeau once suggested we do.

The hunger that caused the Food Banks is not due to famine. It is neither drought nor pestilence causing food shortage. The salmon are running and the cows are coming home to be milked. The foodstore shelves are loaded. But the pockets of many people are Dollar-empty. This aberration is the doing of the government functioning as the Establishment’s operator of the System.

The Food Banks would not have come to be, if we, the People, had stood up, as citizens of a Democracy  to  command the politicians to eradicate the child welfare discrimination then, and to prevent the cause of the hunger that sends people to Food Banks now. We did not commanded “our” politicians to divert resources to the hungry from the rich Jet Fighters and the used rusty Submarines budgets. Arguably it wasn’t our fault either that we coiled into the foetus position, immobile, looking at politicians do these crimes. Now they are readying us to grin & bear the aberration of the mammoth $43B they pilfer from us to alleviate an “historical discrimination”, while turning a blind eye to the cause of 2  Million of us tripping to Food Banks every month.

Sure it was a serious Wrong to deny children the upbringing they are entitled to. Equally Wrong was making people ride the rails on boxcar rooftops, crowded broken humans, stealing a ride to chase Hope, faint as it was, out West, in the Dirty Thirties  ...

As for Justice Mandy Aylen who in a quick  2-day hearing upheld the $43B pay to remedy a Historic deficient child welfare, I say: come and show us the justice of doing that while people sleep hungry in the streets.

What is $43B?” I hear C.D. Howe ask. It is 43 Thousand Million Dollars. With the average Canadian citizen lifetime earnings being $1.7M, the $43B is equivalent to the lifelong earnings of 25,300 Canadians. This “judgement” is tantamount to sentencing 25,300 Canadians to labour-for-life, without parole to boot! It dwarfs any “settlement”, made by Canadian bona fide courts, before or after the abolition of capital punishment.

This is $43B extravagance was done by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (they would not have let Galileo go!).  This tribunal of 18 “para-judges” are selected for their “sensitivity to human rights” in lieu of “wisdom and objectivity”. But in a free society those with an ax to grind do not sit on  the benches of Themis’ Court.   

Their $43B “decision” was rubberstamped  by Federal Court Judge Mandy Aylen. Her quick determination that the CHRT 18 “super-sensitized”  para-Judicials were right in giving a $43B “settlement” and that the Government of Canada was wrong to dispute it, is unflattering to the judges fraternity-sorority. Indeed, there is no indication that either the judge or the CHRT 18 comprehend the gravity of ignoring the human right to sustenance or the enormity of the crime of sentencing 25,300 innocent people to labour for life.     
Time to claim our democracy.

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