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This is our newest section.  Please follow the saga that is Brinkworthy

The Brinkworthy story is an intriguing one. It is the story of bureaucrats and politicians and of public bodies closing ranks and conspiring in a drive to, (might as well call spade a spade), subvert democracy for their own gain.

We are all human beings and all of us have our faults. We may as well recognize reality and accept the fact that some of us seek to become “dictatorisks”, just as others want to be jockeys, musicians, thieves, candlemakers, fishers, fliers ... But we must forever seek to excel, which in this instance means seeking to minimize the number of dictatorisks in our midst and make those who make it through moderate their manner by keeping them aware that we are watching them ...
By the way, a dictatorisk is to a dictator what an asterisk is to a star. Dictatorisks matter more than one imagines due to their large numbers and because, they operate inconspicuously. They bleed wide into the social mosaic and blend in with Ed Broadbent’s “Ordinary Canadians”, making it hard to recognize them for what they are. Collectively, they may tax the peoples’ well-being as much or even more than an overt dictator.

That is why I write this, plain and simple.
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