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Posted July 12, 2019

Plecas stands accused and must answer to the public

This conveys an open letter I addressed to the Chief Electoral Officer of BC, Mr Anton Boegman, urging an official investigation of what has all the ingredients of being a premeditated breech of the Elections Act by Mr Darryl Plecas and Mr Alan Mullen. I took this course because I have not seen any movement to investigate this aspect of the Plecas & Mullen v. James and Lenz fracas.

Police Academies and Investigative Journalism schools start, I am told, by teaching students to commence investigation by determining who stands to profit from a crime (Cuis prodest,  in Latin). In this instance, Plecas and Mullen, stood to gain much  by influencing the January 30, 2019 Nanaimo by-election.

I hope the Electoral Officer would be anxious to clear the air about this matter, because  loss of faith in the integrity of the electoral system fuels “public apathy” which, in turn renders Democracy correspondingly dysfunctional.

Following is my open letter to the BC Chief Electoral Officer:

Mr. Anton Boegman
Chief electoral Officer

Via Email at:

Dear Mr Boegman

Re: Request for an investigation about  abuse of Public office to influence the course of an election

This is a request for an investigation into the conduct of MLA and Speaker of the Legislature of British Columbia Mr Darryl Plecas and his associate Mr Alan Mullen. This  in respect to the deliberately highly publicized Plecas fracas with former Clerk of the BC Legislature Mr Craig James and the currently suspended with pay and benefits Sergeant at Arms of the Legislature, Mr Gary Lenz. This event debuted on the public stage on November 20, 2018.

Plecas was elected MLA for Abbotsford South in 2017 under the auspices of the Liberal Party of BC. Immediately after being elected, Plecas defected from the Liberals,  lured with an offer of the Speakers position. The defection of  Plecas made the current NDP, Green supported, Government  possible and confined the Liberals to the opposition benches in the Chamber.

Plecas was also facing a recall campaign advanced by disgruntled constituents who felt betrayed by Plecas’ metamorphosis  which they saw as a breech of fiduciary duty. This is more than a mere allegation and arguably speaks to Plecas’ character, contrasting his claims to being driven by ethical considerations in the staging of the James and Lenz “fanfareous” expulsion from the Legislature

Prosecuting the “unethicals” would detract from the ongoing examination of Plecas’ character in the recall campaign triggered by his  betrayal of his Liberal constituents to grab the Speaker bait cast to him by the NDP.

Alan Mullen who adroitly worked with Plecas in staging the show, owes his position to Plecas and had additional interest in the election, as  he was expecting to be appointed Seargeant at Arms of the Legislature as soon as the expulsion of Lenz was “finalized”. He stood to lose all that if the Nanaimo by-election was lost to the NDP and Plecas was out of the Speaker’s office.

Plecas and Mullen set the startup of their crime-busting foray for  November 20, 2018. This was exactly one month after Krog resigned his MLA seat to become Mayor of Nanaimo and the by-election in Nanaimo became a certainty.  It was also two months and 10 days prior to the by-election.

There is no explanation given for choosing  that day for launching the attack. Nor have Pleacas and Mullen explained why, having waited as long as they had, they did not wait for a couple of months longer do their crime busting after the by-election.

That the day for the theatrical ousting of Craig and Lenz was calculated to influence the election is corraborated by the “striptease” mode operandi of the pair which was as if designed to entice curiosity and retain public attention through the duration of the by-election electioneering.

The above manifest that Plecas and Mullen were in a strong personal conflict of interest position; and that they succumbed to the temptation of personal gain.

There is no doubt that an event like this (Placas fracas) could influence the Nanaimo by-election. On that basis I am requesting the Chief Electoral Officer to investigate this aspect of the event, because I share the widespread public impression that the Plecas “scandal” was driven more by selfish motives than by ethical considerations.

Most pertinent is f that the“scandal” was orchestrated and staged to sidetrack Democracy for the alleged perpetrators to gain what Democracy would not allow them to seize. It is my position that Society is entitled to an investigation of this matter by the Chief Electoral Officer.


Tom Varzeliotis, Citizen"

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