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Posted June 16, 2023

The Liberals have Gone Fishing

The Liberal Party Menace of Canada held their 2023 National Convention in Ottawa on, May 4-6. To attend as an observer, I would have had to shell out $1,600, the equivalent of 2-dozen bottles of fair scotch. Double that to include the cost of my body delivery and retrieval to and from Ottawa... Now, cost and hustle free, in the comfort of our kitchen I am perusing the outpouring from the Liberal Party “mind-squeeze”.

On my screen is a list and the description of 26 Resolutions made at the convention. They cover a hodge-podge of serious issues such as #2 “Climate Crisis” and #26 “Affordable Housing”. Reading these resolutions invokes scenes of fly-tieing by assembled fly-fishers at the Lodge on the eve of the fly-fishing derby.  I will tackle a few of the resolutions, for the fun of it.

Virtually all the resolutions on the Liberals’ List-of-Blessings they insinuate we are to expect from them if we vote them into power, again, and again, and again,  are in effect indictments against themselves. This because the Liberals have caused most of these problems and have failed to solve or prevent the rest of them. They also invite shame by their deadpan demeanor, their incapacity for remorse, their silence where apologies are due, and their gall to use their failures as bait to catch our votes so they may continue screwing us forever and ever, amen.

Let’s sample them:

#08 – “Truth in Politics” they promise with a straight face. Characteristically, as I tap out these lines, Trudeau is on a trip to Ukraine, the purpose of which is to evade the aftermath of  the flopped scheme to get the ex GG to launder the stuff Trudeau needed to hide from the public eye. And to create optics of himself as a World-Class Leader, shaking hands with Zelenskyy, smiling cryptically for having adroitly   persuaded Zelenskyy to accept a $500M gift of guns and ammo which Trudeau took to him. He was on an errand to deliver the goods, he would have us believe,  to strengthen Canada’s reputation as “The Peace-Maker to the World”.

#09 – “Mandatory Voting”: This is a good-seller “truism”, handy for those seeking  to shore up the fading facade of a Fake-Democracy regime. But forced voting is oppressive  and discriminatory, and amounts to an indictment of the fake-freedom-fighters who resort to it.  Especially so when refusing to include a “None of the above” slot on the ballot. And refusing to launder from the ballot the Political Party-operative designations of candidates  who conscientiously or otherwise  have pre-prostituted their minds to Political Party “Whips”. This, as far as I know, was sneeked onto the ballots by “sympathetic” Electoral Officers, for the glory of Party-ocracy.  

#10 – “A Citizen’s Assembly on Electoral Reform”: Deja vu. In 2004, BC Premier Gordon Campbell did one in BC and it proved a farce. Ontario mimicked it, ditto the result. Trudeau II  campaigned in 2015 assuring us that was to be the last Canadian election done with the First-Past-The-Post  voting system. Instead, he gave us Maryam Monsef who appointed a Committee to engage a ConSultant to study us. After mind-drilling us, the PRober told Monsef to tell Trudeau to tell us that we love the FPTP. Trudeau told us that and we thanked him for dispersing our ignorance of our secret love for the FPTP.  Another farce!

#12 – “Modernizing the Canadian Justice System”:  When I spotted that my heart took flight;  when I read it, my heart crashlanded. I thought the Liberals were about to bring justice “to the man on the street”, this in parallel to the politician (forget who he was) who, pledged on TV to “bring divorce to the man on the street”. The avant garde Liberals were merely seeking to emulate Quebec’s having 3 “independent” judges on the 9-Judge  Supreme Court, and add another 3 similarly “independent” judges for the aboriginals, thereby enhancing the independence of the Independent SCC ...

#19 – “Installing Guaranteed Liveable Basic Income”:   This is long overdue in a country where the PM takes a flight in a “private” Airbus to Ukraine to donate $500M for a Trudeau - Zelenskyy hug photo-op, so that he, Trudeau, be spared the worst of the fallout from the “foreign Interference” Johnston fiasco. And where the GG charges a $100K  gourmet catering bill for a flight trip on that  luxurious Airbus.

#23 – “Food Security and Agriculture Support”: How clever of them to think up that, all by themselves ...

#24 – “Combating Disinformation in Canada”:   Does that mean re-hiring Maryam to do additional fixing of the “Democratic Deficit”, that which Trudeau personifies?

#25 – “Primary Health Care Availability”:  For this I call on us all to pray in unison that the Libs do not send Trudeau to Medical school ...

#26 – “Affordable Housing”: For the Homeless?

Are the Liberals molting or lying? Which?

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