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Posted October 19, 2018

(Electioneering)  - Significant Electoral Frivolities

Once upon a time, Trust Chaiman Peter Luckham accused me of deliberately posing   difficult questions to the LTC.  I explained that I was indeed doing so as  to spare the LTC frivolities. It was faint sarcasm because the LTC habitually suppress the questions, not because they are tough, but because they do not want the people to know the answers.

Chairman Luckham could not get out of that groove and before long crescendoed by proclaiming me SSI Public Enemy Numero Uno.

I was therefore elated at the  Marketplace opportunity to pose questions geared to the six Trustee candidates and kind of  parenthetically, to the two CRD candidates.  Gary Holman responded and his answer contrasts loudly the silence of the rest. His response is in the October 5, Marketplace.

I selected these questions with an eye to drawing out the candidates’ persona, their understanding of the state of the Trust and their preparation for the job ahead, if elected. These aren’t tough questions, they are hardly more than the SPCA asks to determine suitability before entrusting anyone with a puppy or a kitten. The candidates’ answers (other than Holman’s) was the one I feared, but seriously short of what hoped for.

I would like to remind you of the questions the Seven of the Eight shun

1.  Reconsidering the Trust:

This is the implementation of the virtually unanimous consensus formed subsequent to 2017 incorporation referendum. In a democracy government exists at the pleasure of the people and to this end we recommend an ad hoc Ideas Bank for the islanders to present, discuss and advance ideas and develop concepts for the renewal of the Island Trust. The process to culminate in an invitation to Islanders to sign a petition asking the Provincial  Government to amend the Islands Trust Act accordingly.

2. The  “Colonial Overseer”:

To end the catapulting into our midst someone to preside over our “Local” Government”, i.e. the SaltSpring Local Trust Committee.  Commence by drafting an Application to the Government of BC asking to repeal Section 23 subsections (2), (3) and (4) of the Islands Trust Act so that SaltSpring Island may elect all three members of the LTC. Invite Islanders to sign a Petition to accompany the Application and submit all to the Government of BC.          

3. The “Censorship bylaw”:

Rescind the 2013 Bylaw No.473  which unduly “empowers” Trustees and Staff to suppress criticism, evade accountability  and stifle citizen dissent from the “Official Trust Truth”.

4.  The Ideas Bank:

Institute a permanent Ideas Bank to serve as the mainstay of the Interface  between the Trust and the populace.

5. End “Governance from the dungeon”:

Drag out from the virtual dungeon the meetings of the LTC, the ExCom and the Trust  Council by instituting  Internet Streaming (or its equivalent) of these meetings that Law decrees be held publically.

6.   RAR – Riparian Areas Bylaw:

Instigate an audit of the SSI Riparian Areas Bylaw, its content and its performance.

7.  Booth Canal:

Instigate an independent review of the Trust’s Booth Canal File and publish the findings c/w recommendations.

These are the questions, c/w solution suggestions that the 7 of the 8 resolutely shun.

Freedom of Speech imposes no obligation to listen or respond. That is to say, except for politicians, judges, teachers and a few others, who surrender this privilege to answer the calling of serving the public. On that basis we can say that Silence is the uniform answer of the Seven out of Eight candidates to the above questions.   

Regrettably it is not conducive to hope for a break from the past of the Trust. But we will keep an eye on those who get elected.

Tom V.

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