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Posted July 2, 2021

Trust Skullduggery

On July 7  the Trust will inform us about the Policy Statement the Trust Council will consider the morning after, July 8.  From 6:30 to 7:00 pm, they will “educate” attendees for the ensuing glorious 2-hour Town Hall. All meant to entice us to commit ourselves and our descendants to follow the Trust for the next 30 year plan to make the islands into  “Paradise-on-Earth”.  It sounds  rubbish but it is that and sinister, too.

It is reminiscent of the RAR show the Trust staged in 2012 at the Fritz cinema (I was among the 23 “naive” who braved the dark and stormy night to attend that popcorn and poppycock fiasco). That way the clever Trust did (away with) the “public consultation” that had been cancelled thrice (ArtSpring, School Gym and HHH), due to the public showing up in droves so large that could not fit in either of these venues. “They” cut attendance from 500 to 23, a feat like the Biblical miracle of feeding the 5,000 with 5 loaves  and two fish.

What the Trust is attempting now is a variation-on-the-theme. Overall they are taking advantage of the pandemic distancing them beyond the range of flying cream pies, these traditional carriers of commonsense to reckless politicians. Pity!  But let’s step back a bit  to take in the whole picture of this Trust sham.

After doing the abominable 2017 SSI Urbanization Referendum, a “Consensus” formed to Change the way the Trust had been governing the 10,000 of us in SSI. The “Yes” and “No” sides of the Referendum joined hearts to enter the Consensus together; the Trust and the populace joined in, too, albeit apart. The Ministry blessed the union and praised its purpose.

Skilfully the Trust sucked out the enthusiasm from the Consensus parties and went on to do a DIY job, amounting to a change for the worse. Then, on December 18, 2018, while the people were Christmas shopping, Luckham, submarine quietly sailed to Victoria to deliver the fake Consensus to the Minister for consummation. The Ministry told him “no dice” without a substantive public consultation.  

To fake one, the Trust pilferred $115,000 from the public purse and hired “Be the Change”  consultants. Their name suggests that they would convince the public, that the Trust itself is really the Change the people want, without knowing it! This calls for  fitting a mask in the face of the Trust. It is thus that the “Islands 2050" grandiose scam came to be.

It is concocted to deceive, in many ways. One I have already alluded to.  Another is to extract what they would claim to be a 30 year “commitment” of the society to endure the Trust. Thus committing three generations of Islanders to suffer them. It is woven into the scheme like the classic case of the frequent traveler smuggling suitcases.

“They” shone the light on motherhood-type notions, intellectual garbage really, namely:

“In 30 years:  What will the Trust Area of BC would look and feel like? How will communities be adapting to climate change? How will people travel about? How will the rate and scale of growth and development be managed?”
PRofessionals positioned in strategically located “info-kiosks” would engage  innocent passers-by to discuss these notions. I availed myself twice of the Info-kiosks by the SSI Swimming Pool where Trustee Laura Patrick was in attendance. She started by telling me that that consultation was the “tip of the Iceberg” of Trust democratization. I insisted on answers to my questions which I handed to her in writing. She could not answer any, but promised to email the answers. They arrived and they are rubbish. Imagine this transpiring at an honest public hearing ...

Let’s go back to Laura’s “iceberg”. A chunk from that is the $75,000 Trust “Governance Study”, now underway,  without SSI participation, resembling Newfoundland doing the Canadian Constitution without Quebec, Ontario and BC  participation. Neither Peter Grove nor Laura Patrick, honoured their duty to society to resign if they could not prevent that aberration.

The Trust brags at being humbled by the feedback to the “Islands 2050" . They and their consultants “sample” the expression of love and affection for the future of the Islands, which of course is poppycock. But they fell silent on what  matters. There is not an iota of input about the public endorsing the Trust to lead us to our Jerusalem. The Consensus to Change the Trust manifest to the populace not trusting the Trust. At issue is whether the Trust is fixable or trash-able. That is the issue and the Trust is helping us answer that, by demonstrating that it is beyond salvation.

The determination must be done and the method is simple: Advertise the event; invite written submissions; publish all submissions for all citizens to see, review and debate. All in the open. That would be honest and effective.  Everything else is unadulterated skullduggery, the work of swindlers.

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