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Posted April 4, 2019

Trust Website Revamp –  True, or a Farce like the last one?

After the December 18, 2018 Trust attempt to seize the post-referendum resolve to Reform the Trust and turn it into a “Deform the Trust” scheme was exposed, the Trust did not abandon their plan or mend their ways. The smokescreen dispersed,  they came back,  this time intent on actively fooling  the people in the open. They went on to deploy PRopaganda geared to generate fake optics of a “grass roots”, collaborative movement but which they would control tightly and steer it themselves to supplant  “deform” for “reform”, and make it  appear being the outcome of a democratic process.

To that end, they hired a consultant, doing business under the name: “Be the Change Group Inc”.  The name insinuates they are a group dedicated to induce self confidence on the people at large and encourage them to pursue Change. But politician abhor  “agitators” and would never hire consultants to make people want Change. Especially so the Trust who have knowingly and willingly engaged in overt censorship.

Unless of course the change is cosmetic, or firmly “managed” to the satisfaction of  the staus quo sector of the society. It is kind of confusing until one recalls the adage “he who pays the piper calls the tune” and exrapolates to “who pays the Consultants gets what  he pays for”. Even  if, as in this instance,  the magistrates pay the consultant with money taken from the public purse, it is the magistrates who call the tune.

Ostensibly,  the Be the Change Group  consultants were hired to open up the prime venue of communication between the government and the governed which the Trust website is meant to be. This would impress upon the populace images of a Trust’s newfound affinity for  openness in governance. It is something  they badly need because the Trust is widely known to use secrecy for supporting their propensity to govern Czarismatically.

In the March 22 Marketplace there are particulars of how the “Be the Change Group Inc” approached its task. They staged a hasty survey and cast their questionnaire baited with a homemade lottery ticket to win a $400 iPad tablet – who can resist that! As for  the survey being short and the questionnaire childish, nobody will remember these when the Trust comes to assure society and the Minister  that they consultewd extensively with the people and abided by the public will. They will assert that the public will was harvested by an “independent” Consultant and was a Professionally done, the process producing  a thoroughly scientific job.

A month has gone by since the closing of the Be the Change Group  survey. We are left in the dark about who won the iPad; of how many of the “surveyed” people  bit the bait; what they said; how the Consultant interprets what the survey respondents  said; what the Trust and the Consultant will do next to fix the website; nothing of the sort, Trust and consultants, they have all have fallen uniformly silent.

If the Trust had embedded the Ideas Bank into the Website in the 2011 – 2013 “Website reconstruction”, the need to hire the Be the Change Group Inc, would have never arisen. Even the September 9, 2017 referendum could have been averted  because in the presence of the Ideas Bank we the people, could have made the Trust cease and desist causing  the disdain for the Trust which made so may of us seek refuge on urbanization.  Likely, we could have  loosened enough the stranglehold the Trust perpetrates on us. Then the need to do another website revamp would not have occurred.

The above notwithstanding, the Trust can do open governance any time it so wishes. Therefore if they are sincerely seeking an honest website and were unable to conceive one, they could come directly to the people for ideas. After all, in a democracy it is the electorate  who identify  what they need to know –  it is in totalitarian regimes that the dictator’s propaganda apparatus tell the people “what the dictator’ wants them to “know”.

In the 2011- 2013 Website “Revamp” I submitted an extensive list of changes to the website. The Trust westabasketed them all, instantaneously. But they are substantive and more urgent now than ever before. I am updating that submission and I will present it succinctly, through the Marketplace starting in the next issue.

I hereby request the honour of your company.

Tom V.

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