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Posted June 18, 2021

Canadian Rhapsody

Routinely the morning news is sobering. Many of us do not recover enough to crack a smile during the day and some have by now forgotten how to laugh. It is not the Covid 19 Pandemic I am talking about, it is the continuous attack on the psyche of the nation by hordes of gloom and doom prophets who have invaded the society. They thrive  under the ironclad protection of Political Correctness which has become so invasive as to cause fears of a new variant of the Dark Ages.

The affront to decency du jour is a “sinful” game of golf. The Commander of the Canadian Navy profoundly apologized for failing us by playing golf with the “under investigation” Chief of the Canadian Armed Forces.  A couple of days later the second-in-command of the military resigned for having partaken in that same golf game.

But what about the rest of us, being terrorized into silence about such broadsides to common  decency? There is hardly a murmur of concern voiced about these people made to suffer so much without having “their day” in Court. Is ours  becoming a lawless society?

My mother  often said:  “God has no mercy for who would not visit friends in Hospital or in Jail.”  Think of that ...

But there is more to that golf game. “They” would have us believe that if the generals  and the admirals had played poker in a basement instead of golf in the open, their “impartiality” would have remained impeccable ...  

As Canada Day approaches, Lisa Helps the Mayor of Victoria marshaled  her court to save us from embarrassing ourselves by celebrating Canada Day. She, the “saviour” she is, wants the whole nation to pursue atonement by supplanting lamentation for  celebration for Canada. She set a stage from which to show the world our disgust for Canada. She wants the world to know how deeply ashamed we are for being part of Canada.  Not surprisingly, “leader Lisa” did not attract many followers and this spared us the spectacle of our apologist gold-medalist PM apologizing for the existence of Canada.

Oppression does not always come with a bang.  In “democracies” it usually comes in steps. A bit at a time, each step calculated to be less than it would take to incite dissent. They space the increments to give people time to learn to live with the pain from the previous one before they hit with the next. Nonetheless, oppression accumulates eroding democracy and augmenting what Trudeau calls “democratic deficit” so as to avert recognition of what it really is. Oppression.

I wouldn’t let Lisa and her ilk take Canada Day away from me and I trust you wouldn’t either. I am not merely sad for them trying and I am ashamed being “governed” by individuals chasing  “reasons” to boost the self-pity they carry in their heart. I deplore “their” propensity to tell the world we are ashamed of Canada. To make us kneel and plead for forgiveness for our history, instead of celebrating it.

No, I do not say that our history is faultless. But having said that, I turn around and ask: Show us another country’s history giving it fewer reasons to pity itself than the history of Canada gives us.

Anyway, the past cannot be re-run – hallucinating about doing that is futile and correspondingly stupid; dwelling in lamenting the past handicaps the future; History books are to be read and then put to rest in the bookshelf. We must say no to those bent on making lamenting the past the national purpose of Canada.  

Ponder how  “they”, these “angelic” people with the self-pity stuffed crania, were born to such horrid parents. Try to fathom how past generations of such diabolic ascendants produced such “angelic” decadents. Like those  who topple statues other peoples would like kept, instead of erecting statues to their own heroes, if they merit such.

Let’s challenge them to explain the cowardice it takes to demonize those who are no longer able to answer for themselves. Those who created us and bequeathed us the Canada we have. They did the best they could, they did it as well  they knew how. Errors they did make  for they were human, but the alternative to it I would dread to think.

I became an instant Canadian the moment I saw an RCAF poster on the wall of the Canadian consulate in Athens back in 1957. It depicted a blue cloudless sky, with an RCAF F84 fighter plane flying near the top poster margin. At  about the bottom margin was the message: “We fight to stay on top”.  Like lighting, the  poster went through  my mind into my heart and filled it up. I just wanted to go “home” to Canada. From that moment on nobody could  take Canada away from me.

Let’s us all be proud to be Canadians, we have countless reasons to do that. Let’s end lamenting the past and focus on fixing the present and plan the future. Let’s be happy with ourselves, appreciative of Canada. Let’s do things to make us brag about so as to adorn our landscape with ever more statues. Let’s look skywards, in the spirit of that RCAF poster.

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