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The Ideas Bank - Portal to Democracy

I thought of it before the advent of the internet, way back in 1967. Since than I have been pursuing its implementation without notable success,  the latter reflecting my wanting promotional skills on the one side and the resistance to openness of those whose conduct would have to change if the Ideas Bank would make it difficult for them to hide their conduct and compel them to operate in plain view of the public eye.

In simple words The Ideas Bank is a public forum through which citizens may convey to those in authority and communicate to society at large ideas that would result in boosting the desirable and the     abolition or modification of the undesirable.

It is meant to eliminate the “wastebasketing” of ideas happening behind the peoples’ back by inept or unreceptive power-holders; and to end the “apathy” of creative people who are repelled from participation in public affairs by the recognition that they will not be listened to. And to facilitate holding to account power-holders for choking public input to the governance of society . For while no one would have the obligation to respond to ideas placed in the Ideas Bank, no one could ignore them with impunity.
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