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Posted November 17, 2023

To do what those we honour on Nov 11 expect from us ...

Those whom we remember yearly on Nov 11th  started a task that fate made them leave incomplete.  To remember them is proper; to carry on from where they left is essential. It is our turn to grab  the torch and burn to death the Hydra of War. Yes, it is a Herculean task but it is noble, must be done, and Canada is best suited to do it.

But to do it we must restore our badly disfigured national stature. We must toss the induced self-phobia we now suffer, and lift ourselves out from the moronic state of tediously lamenting “blunders” of the past. We need stand tall again, proud to be citizens of a Canada reborn to be the Peace-Catalyst to the World. We badly need to break from  the tyranny of Meek Apologizers.

Gratitude is praiseworthy but it is living the present and building the future matters most. We need roll up our sleeves up and do what the heroes of the past started for us before they were cut down. We need to chase the dream of a Warless World, to make that Dream come true. That is what is in my mind when I suggest we read Mark Twain’s   “The War Prayer”.

One Hundred years ago, in 1920, subsequent to the carnage and waste of WWI, our ancestors did the best they could to ban War. They formed the League of Nations and gave it a clear mandate: “Make WWI the last war ever”.  

Ways and means exist, and new ones can be devised to displace War. These are easy, quick, affordable and humane, and a changeover to them would end once and for all the mutual slaughtering of humans and the wanton destruction of the Planet. There are plenty of reasons for doing away with War, not the least of which being the fundamental wrong of War, that of trampling fairness for the triumph of  savageness,  barbarism if you will.  Indeed, this aspect alone makes the abolition of War imperative.

In one word the League “failed”; in two words, the League “failed abysmally”. The League  let London be  bombed, Kalavryta be torched, Dresden  be turned into rubble and Hiroshima be evaporated. But hope springs eternal. After WWI, Humanity laid itself down to bleed a’while and rose again, determined to lick War forever to the ground.

The new War menace was tagged “United Nations”. The mandate was the one the League had failed, updated to making WWII the last ever. The UN tag was very clever: With the nations of the Earth United, there would be no one left to fight. If a nation would notdoes not participate, or leaves the UN to imperil the Peace, the UN will whack the mutineer nation and bring it into the UN Peace Ark. This is legit because breaching the Peace is external to the pariah nation’s sovereignty.

The UN failed to break out of the rut the League had carved. The UN opted to accommodate War instead of honouring its mandate to eliminate War. And what a twist of purpose this was !

Characteristically, the UN did not request recruit-nations to pledge an aversion to War as a condition for membership. Nor did it show an aversion for Tyrants who frequently ignite the pyres of War.

War-addicted national “leaders” soon became bored in the UN, not unlike Adam and Eve were in Paradise. USA Secretary of  State John Foster Dulles noticed the incipient appetite for war and fostered it by preaching the subjugation of nations by economic and other similar “peaceful” means in lieu of noisy bombs and cannons. This was blessed instead of damned by the UN. Bullish national “leaders” espoused this avant-garde warfare and deployed it to conquer the world. The USA led the attack and got the huge “peaceful War” underway. The UN didn’t bat an eye at that and the Cold War expanded and engulfed the whole Earth.  The Globe was “Hemisphered”, and the Cold War was fought relentlessly, all with UN connivance.

Old habits die hard. There were sporadic hot wars during the Cold War,  mostly aiming to grab neutral nations into one of the warring folds or prevent the defection of one to the adversary camp. Such were the Korean, the Viet Nam, and numerous other hot sub-wars of the mighty Cold War.

As we held the traditional minute of silence and the bugle sounded the last post on  Rememberance day 2023, the UN,  in the Nero tradition, was fiddling a couple of Hot Wars, potent enough to blow up the Earth.

Now, Globalization nears completion,  ushering in a new and harsher version  of the Dark Ages, one well beyond the imagination of George Orwell.

True to  the reality that Truth is the first victim of all Wars, the Warmongers of the Globe are now fiercely feeding books, including Orwell’s of course, into intense book pyres lit the world around. This because without books the mind suffocates and humanity becomes evermore “manipulate-able”.  

The UN is a Sasquatch size eunuch and cannot do the job. Canada can do it and this makes it imperative for us to revive Canada so that we can live up to it.
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