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Posted November 8, 2019

Bursting Bubbles in the last Election Slipstream

Party Status in Canada               

In 2018, the Liberal Party of BC, “defeated” a class lawsuit charging the Party with pickpocketing the public wallet for party-gain. “Victory” proved easy – a “sympathetic” Judge just let the Liberals go unscathed by declaring that a political party has no legal status and therefore it is a “nothing”. Presto, a political party can steal money but cannot be prosecuted for theft.

Specifically, the Liberals were called to account for $Millions of public money they spent  to buy  election PRopaganda aiming to skew the outcome of the election, But:

“BC Supreme court Justice Ward Branch found that the BC Liberal Party is not a proper defendant and cannot be sued.  He cited a number of previous court cases that found that in common law political parties have no legal existence.” (T-C, April 14, 2018)

Remarkable. Parties are nobodies in the eyes of the law and “therefore” if a party pickpockets  the public purse it is fine. The money is pocketed by “nobody” and a justice system cannot punish a “nobody”, nor could it retrieve the loot a “nobody” had heisted.

As Judge Branch “reasoned” many judges had before him stopped cold in their tracks irreverent citizens who sought to hold politicians accountable through the courts. One may suspect that the plethora of “precedents” may have something to do with the   parties who, despite being  legally “nobodies”, appoint “friends” to the Bench.

One also wonders why the electoral officers identify on the ballot the political party which “employs” each candidate. Why they label (libel?) unencumbered  Candidates “independent”? Independent from whom?

Another important aspect of Branch’s ruling is whether “partyocracy”, the system,  has  legal status. In other words, should party dicta bear on the workings of the nation’s Parliament to affect  the governance of the society?

Could it be that the deficient governance we often endure, is due to being governed by “nobodies”?

In effect the parties usurp the Governance of the society from the Demos (the citizenry) and pass it on to “special interest groups” formed to pursue goals  Democracy exists to protect society against. This must end.

2019 September 12 – CBC Pre-election Educational

“The race is on to elect a prime minister – here’s an explainer for you & your kids”

Let’s be “realistic and pragmatic”. To begin with, we are supposed to elect  “representatives”, to proxy them to speak (parlare) on our behalf in the Parliament. That is radically different from electing a PM.

Pragmatically,  we merely vote for a local mercenary recruited by one of the “groups” who have seized the portal to the parliament blocking entry to all save for “mercenaries” pre-committed to “parlare” for the Party they serve.

During the Cold War we were prodded to abhor the USSR because its citizens could only chose their Parliamentarians from one party, namely the Communist Party. While in the USA the slate contains candidates fielded by two parties.  Incidentally, some see the Democrats and the Republicans as branches of one, the phantom Capitalist Party.

We have lived under partyocracy for a long time and we are indoctrinated to revere it and to never examine it.  Problem being that it is sold disguised as “democracy” while its hidden purpose is to subvert democracy. That the system  may be “better than the rest of them” as Churchill said, is a pitifully poor excuse for failing Aristotle who urged us to forever seek to excel.

Partyocracy happens and it is neither legit nor prudent. We have been skillfully made addicts to it, not unlike tobacco, alcohol and team “athletics”. This may explain how we endure the judge who found that political parties can dip their fingers in the public purse to help themselves from our  Dollars with which to buy themselves elections, so as to move democracy out of their way to acquire power over us.

The CBC explains further:

“What is a political party? An organized group of people who have shared beliefs about how the Country should be run”.

Dictators are never alone, all of them float on an “organized group of people” with special interest who set up and sustain the despot. The political parties are “organized groups of people”  who perform the same role for the Prime Minister. In both instances, the “groups” shift the power from the citizenry to self proclaimed “Good-doer groups” whose true purpose may not survive the light of day.

Arguably,  “group” such as the “Worshipful Association of Thieves, Muggers and Purse Snatchers”, combined have done less harm world-wide and through history than the “partyocracy powered governance industry”.

I will close with the observation that comparison of the last election result with what it would had been under other than the FPTP electoral system is likely misleading. This because, under any system, not compelling the electorate to protect society against the proverbial “lesser  evil”, the electorate would have voted differently.

In the next issue I will contrast Democracy to Partyocracy. Don’t miss it ..

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