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Posted September 24, 2021

The $610M election that was not

This issue of the Marketplace comes three days after the Canada 2021 Election.  Of course I will review the election results after they come in but while waiting, I will key-in my last thoughts on the electioneering period.

The cost of the Election was estimated at $610Million.  We should add to this the money spent in PR, hotels, airplanes, buses, road signs and props for the various photo-ops. The total may be close to $1Billion, but let’s stop counting to do some thinking.  All that money torrent was triggered by and for the personal benefit of Trudeau and his cohorts.

Trudeau called the election for two reasons. The one was to boost his power over the society, by wrestling total control over the peoples’ parliament. He wanted the facility to  rule us unfettered by having to consider the representatives of the majority of the Canadian electorate who had not voted for him in the 2019 election. The other reason was to extend his job-security for a couple of years by avoiding the uncertainty of a post Pandemic 2023 “re-application” for that PM job by winning a rather safe 2021election.

Rival O’Toole “hammered” Trudeau on that, but it eventually became tedious and likely backfired on him. The reason for that is simple: There was nothing anyone could do to cancel the election, there was no way to undo the Trudeau fiasco. This rendered O’Toole’s drumming into the cracking of the whip flogging a dead horse – it gets you nowhere. Evidently O’Toole sought to invoke “sweet revenge”, but the people, being of sound mind, refused to let “revenge” plot society’s course into the future.   

Another overall characteristic of the election campaign was the fear of Political Correctness. This  hamstrings the tongues of people, especially “leaders” pandering for votes in a process in which all ballots are “equal”. You could see these “leaders” watching their step as if traversing a bramble patch barefoot.  It is preposterous that we are damned to be “led” to our national “Jerusalem” by a bunch of  fear-seized “leaders”.
An example of this panicking is the “Leaders” hashing up their uniform suppression of Canada Day 2021 celebrations.  

The political parties concoct and popularize an agenda for the society and on that they build their “election platforms”.  A virtually uniform characteristic of their agenda is to protect. and preserve the status quo. They do that mainly by focusing on some wrongs emanating from the “system” which have been recognized widely and concern the people. The politicians drum attention to these, boost public concern, and bid their “acumen” to fix them up in exchange for votes.

For example, look at the Justice system of our Society. It has become a fearsome institution instead of the trusted source of comfort it is meant to be. This white elephant does not come up for discussion. Concerns about the problems it causes are pondered with an eye to fix them in isolation from their cause. Such concern are cleverly funneled into bickering about the amount of “legal aid” to be made available. Legal aid becomes the concern thereby leaving out of sight the defects of the Justice system that sustains the need for Legal Aid and helps averting calls for a review of the system that denies justice to many people. (Legal aid may be esential to the system in force due to it being what it is)

Another popular “fix” of the Justice system politicians do is to add ever more “tribunals” to this monolith.  They have become quite adept at this and readily create fixes aplenty to enhance the “just” in “The Just Society” (Remember that?). They brim with pride and bang their chests in Tarzan’s fashion every time they devise and append another tribunal to the system. All the while the system becomes ever harder for the people to bear.

The worse aspect of this charade is that the white elephant “preempts” the need for a sensible justice system and society ends up suffering the consequences from being without such such a system.

Ditto for the Education system. I mean the whole Education system, comprising church, schools, mass media, advertising and, yes, family. The latter because family has been “educated” to educate its offspring, to impress on them the bad aspects of the system, those which, if left to be taught at a later stage of their mind development would be readily rejected so that they are burned incurably into the minds of the young for the system to perpetuate itself.

Last night, we learned what Trudeau bought himself with our $610M that he pilfered from our pockets. He did not get the power he would love to have over us and that is a blessed relief. However he got the extension of the job security he was after.

But there is more to that.  That Trudeau wasted all that money pales when contrasted to the fact that the 38 million of us had not “enough Democracy” with which to stop Trudeau from calling the election.

This gauges the extent of our “Democratic Deficit”. It is enormous and so is the loss of the well-being Canada and Canadians, deserve ...

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