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Posted November 4, 2022

Trust is earned says Rishi Sunak PM – UK

“Trust is earned. And I will earn yours”. Thus spoke Rishi Sunak. This being the post- Boris Johnson era, Sunak shines. His opening salvo manifests that he is astute, self-assured and anxious to hold on to the public trust longer than Liz Truss and Boris Johnson combined.

The above reveals who triggered the theme of this column. Yes, trigger is right, because the matter of trust squats in my mind and has for some considerable time, growing and fertilized by the news the Media of Mass Mind Manipulation dump on us daily. I do not think they overstate the news, I fear they understate reality.

Sunok’s pledge reached me a few short days after I was flabbergasted by a CBC News item by Karissa Donkin posted October 7 and titled: “How to keep secrets from the public: Don't write anything down”.

The story relates deliberate, systematic and systemic deception of the people by the Government of New Brunswick. In substantiating her story, Donkin goes to the very top, citing an episode of  fooling-the-people starring Premier Blaine Higgs, himself. In her words:

“Public servants in N.B. don't have to document their work, something advocates [of governance from the dungeon] want done across Canada”.

Sad to add that off-the-record-governance is already practised across Canada,  albeit quite quietly. The spread of the malice has been accelerated by relatively recent realities: IT has enabled enormously (albeit no where near its potential) the facility to “publish”.  Now one need not be Randolf Hearst, Lord Thomson or Rupert Murdock to spread the word. This frightens those in Government and in other bodies traditionally relying tacitly on the “Free”  Media to hide their doings.

Another cause of Officialdom secrecy is the fall of the Soviet Union. This removed the Capitalists’ fear of people been lured by and converted to Socialism. In turn, this resulted in unbridled arrogance, too ugly to record.

Another  boost to the Secrecy Culture came from the establishment’s need to placate public concerns about the new and large dimensions of secrecy. They faked relenting to the public quest for open governance by legislating “Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection” laws c/w Information-Czars to administer them. Those engaging in wrongdoing veered to verbal communication (verba volant, scripta manent). How could anyone request records  about that which the government had done secretly? Must we assume that those who set up the “access to information” industry were as inept as to miss the approach of legislating Open Governance and penalizing deliberate secrecy instead? Most of us assume they are merely “clever” ...  

The coup-de grace to our trust in “our” incorrect Politicians is the Political Correctness  beast, the most evil of them all. PC is a more devilish version of the Clergical Confession Booth, for it is affixed in peoples’ crania like a GPS microchip on a fish, programmed  to monitor adherence to Political Correcteness and keep disconect our mouths from our minds. We are scared, terrorized lest someone gets offended and jump on our neck like PM Jean Chretien did on a protester, the gesture since known as the “Shawinigan Handshake”.

Former GG David Johnston wrote a book devoted to trust. He sees trust as “Nation Building” material and misses the reality that the issue is not about getting-to-trust someone, as much as is about distrusting those in-charge.  We had leaders we could trust in times past and we built the Nation that which the minions of the establishment are now busy demolishing.

The trust Johnston sees as “nation-building-material” is the rubble piling up from nation-destruction done by those he advocates we trust. He stands for motherhood instead of deploring the abduction of mothers’ children.

Johnston fails to search for the causes of the trust-famine he seeks to ameliorate. There is a paradox in his “reasoning”: That we are, as he insists, democratically governed, means we, the people govern ourselves. Hence,  in distrusting the government we distrust ourselves ...  Surely ours is not a society of pathetic masochists... Then how can Johnston explain writing this book?

He, the former representative of the late Queen,  exemplified the trust he urges us to accord the magistrates by exalting his own trust for the Queen. For God too.  But he does not point to a single specific case of a politician or any other magistrate who earned our trust but we the ungrateful denied it to them. Citing such would be pedagogical, his trusting the Queen and  God are GG-trade platitudes. I know of no instance of earned trust ever  denied, and I trust Rishi Sunak’s trusting the Brits to appreciate his earning their trust is not misplaced.

Johnston sounds like a Clergyman trying to collect a tithe as the price of a ticket to Heaven instead of  “protection money” against being delivered to Satan. It is the latter that sell deities ...

Rishi Sunak thus far is right. Trust and respect are to be earned, owned and owed. If demanded, those who demand should be damned. If imposed,  the impostor must be disposed of.


Regalia & paraphernalia

There are three discernible reasons for having such. One is identification -  the Red-Coats would shoot the Blue coats and vice versa in the American war of independence. Now all soldiers  wear camouflage, the practice causing many “friendly-fire-dead”.

Another is protection from microbes and toxic chemicals – asbestos-removers,  surgeons, nurses, coal-miners, coroners and porta-potty pumpers are some.

The third category are “stuffed-shirts”. They are looking to pass themselves off as being other than they really are, likely many strata above the rest of us. Such are the Clowns, the Clergy, the Royals and wolves-attired-in-lamb-skins.  

The first class gave rise to “military intelligence”, that the archetypal oxymoron; the second manifests prudence;  the third category are mostly amusing but frequently dangerous.

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