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Posted May 5, 2021

Erin O’Toole would make Freedom Compulsory

O’Toole is, of course, the new dynamic boss of the static Conservative Party of Canada, that which seeks to dislodge the Liberals and supplant itself for the “Demo” in Canadian “Demo-cracy”.  To that end, O’Toole labours to persuade us, the people of Canada,  that he and his elves are the “lesser evils” on the political stage, thereby deserving of our trust, or tolerance to “govern” us.

O’Toole cut his teeth in “democratic” governance while serving in the two institutions  most anomalous to Democracy we endure. Yes, they are indispensable, in some form, but this does not detract from their highly authoritative nature. O’Toole learned the “Freedom of Obedience and Servitude” from the Drill Sergeants in the military and the principles of “Authoritarian Liberty” (so to speak)  while Lawyering in the Justice system that which is populated with “Lords” and “Madames” on the bench and inmates in the cells.

The daredevil of innovation that O’Toole is, he makes ready to lead us to the new Jerusalem. Fearing we may fear him taking us in the general direction Brian Mulroney and Steven Harper charted, lat week O’Toole flew a trial balloon about slaying the Democratic Deficit dragon.  

Casting an “Electoral Reform lure to catch votes has proven effective. Gordon Campbell did it and became Premier of BC and High Commissioner to London. Post-electorally, he got out of it by staging a  “Citizens Assembly on Electoral Reform”. It backfired but he  saved intact the FPTP for himself and other politicians  by raising the ante from 50/50 to 60/40. There is no sign of him having qualms for doing that. Perhaps we were to blame because we failed to rise to occasion to toss him  when the Hawaiian Police released mugshots of the “drunk Premier of BC” to help us realize that he was “unfit to “govern”.   

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty “copy-cat-ed” Campbell and did a Citizens Assembly, in Ontario.  He  won brownie badges too, without hurting the politicians’ beloved FPTP.

Trudeau the Son, took that play to the national stage. In the 2015 election campaign he solemly declared that if elected he would make it the last election held with the FPTF. Post-electorally, he quickly reneged. Astutely, he farmed out the eradication of  the “Democratic Deficit” job to a Minister ($300,000pa + extras). In a stroke of genius, the Minister hired a Hercules-for-hire Consultant who dexterously flushed away Justin’s  solemn democratization promise to the nation.

O’Toole has been trained by the Military and the Judiciary to pursue “victory” by any means. Practitioners in these “businesses” habitually search for the Achiles heel to aim and  shoot at.  With that background, O’Toole  discerned the opportunity for netting ballots by playing to the  public quest for fair elections.

Well, individuals like Campbell, McGuinty and the current Trudeau, have exhausted the potency of fake promises to reform the balloting system.  O’Toole searched for a new approach to the theme and the compulsory voting of Australia immediately caught his attention.  Its appeal to O’Toole could be explained by his professional training in the “freedom to obey”. In the milieus of the Military and Lawyering, orders from superiors are not to be discussed by the inferiors, they are to be unquestionably obeyed.

In consequence, for the practitioners of the power-trades, e.g. lawyers, bouncers, sheriffs,  boxers, soldiers, etc, Democracy is the “established order” and  like all orders it must be obeyed.

What good would “freedom” be if any Tom, Dick, or Harry is free is disobey the order to be free? With this in mind, O’Toole prudently started tooling up for the upcoming electioneering. If that trial balloon results come in to the liking of the party’s PRofessional  Mind Benders, he will promise draconian enforcement of the peoples’  freedom to vote.  “We”, he will bellow,  “will make freedom entirely compulsory”. Amen.

As for me, your scribe, the radical chap that am,  I will let freedom be free. I will repeat my suggestion to institute an Ideas Bank,  free of fees, freely accessible to each and all of us to  showcase and test freely in open debate our ideas on how to vote. And how to do what it may take to  suppress coersion. So that we can be free.  

You see, I was trained that way by Plato, Pericles, Diogenes, Jefferson, Churchill, Martin Luther King, Lester Pearson, Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, Kaddafi ... and yes, much so by my mother.

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