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Posted May 3, 2024

The Quislings of Alberta

In the previous column I looked up the kilt of the “learned professions” who have set  themselves up and operate as “oligarchies”, in the midst of our ostensibly democratically governed society. Interestingly, the word ”profession” insinuates “self anointment” which comes in handy if you can get away with it. But setting up “oligarchies” even if of “learned” professionals such as “Theologues”, negates Democratia, and  it  affects the well-being of the rest of the people.

Politicians are a peculiar breed of “oligarchs”, a breed  who sprang out of the “assertion” of Democratia. This was “invented” to end and prevent governance by the “Establishment”, so that the people would govern themselves. Not unlike “protection gangs”, politically minded groups formed and offered to the imperilled Establishment protection against democratia. Thereafter the politicians function as power-brokers: They shore up the “Establishment” by controlling the masses, like the cowboys herd the livestock for the ranch owners.  To that end, “Professional Politicians” cleverly supplant themselves for the people, the demos of democratia. They stage fake “elections” producing  “trained seals” (Mulroney), “nobodies” (Trudeau) and “rubberstamps” ( we the People), to fake connection with the People. However, like other people doing parasitic work, politicians hold the general view that they are “saviours”, guarding the people against self-induced malaise. But there is no immunity against corruption for those who assume and dispense Power, hence politicians end up being corrupt.   It has been observed that  if things can go wrong, they will.   

Albertans are currently politically exhilarated as Danielle Smith has attracted the attention of the Ottawa crowd, after  years of inattention. Since Trudeau-the-Father was there, Ottawa has treated Albertans unfairly: They take out too much, pay back too little and divert the rest to where Albertrans do not approve. They  have been asking questions but I have not seen Ottawa meaningfully answering many. In that euphoria, overconfident politicians took last week a daring leap at power grabbing. But it did not fly as expected and ugly things are flying in the Alberta wind. And it is these that triggered this column.

Succinctly said the story is: Bill 20 recently tabled with the Alberta Legislature aiming to empower the Alberta government to take control over the “City Halls” on the Provincial landscape. In effect the Edmonton Government supplants itself for the electorate of AnyTown in the Province. The Government may at will stage or nullify municipal  elections;  fire duly elected mayors and counciliors;  overturn municipal by-laws and commit more political wrongs at will, all  in the model of Vidkun Quisling. He was “Prime Minister” of Norway, appointed by the Nazis when they  occupied Norway in WWII. He governed on behalf of the Nazis and ran  the archetypal traitor government in Nazi occupied Europe. The moment I read about Alberta Bill 20, Quisling morphed  in front of my eyes and claimed Alberta. No, I do not say that Ric McIver, Minister of Alberta’s Municipal affairs who is doing Bill–20 is a Nazi, what I say is that his Bill 20 is strongly reminiscent of the services Vidkun Quisling offered the Nazis.

People cannot “govern” while under threat. Indeed decent people would not run for office if it is to parrot the will of some political party boss pursuing the party sponsors’ interests. Fear is an interloper to freedom.

The Hon. Minister McIver, is quoted explaining that Bill 20 is needed  to “ensure fair elections and accountability from local politicians”. That is unadulterated rubbish unbecoming the tongue of a Minister. Convincing it would have been if McIver had pointed the finger to “unfair” past municipal elections that would have been done right if  Bill 20 had been in place. Or he could have identified past errant politicians who hurt the people, because the government lacked Bill 20, to remove them from Office.

This takes us to the old question Plato raised and Juvenal popularized: “Who is to guard the watchdogs?  Who will watch the Provincial Government politicians who are to keep vigilance over the Municipal Politicians?. Surely not the Ottawa politicians !

Another amusing facet of the attempted “Quisling-ation” of Alberta, is the licencing of the Political Parties to exploit municipal elections for Power & Profit. No, I am not saying  municipal politicians are not “sponsored” and accordingly corrupt. Some, surely  are. McIver simply wantsto claim that lucrative “profit-opportunity” and deliver it to those who work the Provincial political sponsorship market.

Indeed it is ironic that the current Alberta Government owes the popularity it enjoys in that they revolted against the stewardship accorded them by the Ottawa watchdogs, is it not?  
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