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Islands Trust
Posted March 25, 2022

Trust Deaf & Mute

Recently I was mailed a strange leaflet. In the upper right hand corner was  “ISL”, to the left of it was  “Islands 2050 – The Future of the Trust Area”. “ISL” is crypto-identified in Para 2 of the leaflet as follows:

“Islands Trust and ISL – the firm hired to deliver the third phase of public engagement for the Islands 2050 Policy Statement Amendment Project, are offering a variety of engagement opportunities.”

The revelation that ISL is a “firm”, is to detract from the Trust practice  of hiding its conSultants. The shyness of the identification of the “firm” manifests recognition that the  objectives they pursue are non conducive to bragging. For this reason the conSultants  downplay that which their client seeks to perpetrate by billing the whole thing a mere “amendment”,  kind of  a tweak to something they already have broken-us-in to tolerate.

I will now backtrack to Para 1 where the ISL proclaims a limited time event  “to learn more and share [our]  views with [them] about the Islands 2050 Policy Statement Amendment Project”.

Surely the Trust did not buy the conSultant’s services to “inform us”.  They could tell us the truth all by themselves, if they would shed their renowned  cryptophilia; that they hired Professional Persuaders to do it manifests recognition that this campaign to misinform the public is too crucial to leave it to in-house Propaganda prowess.  It also amounts to purchasing “denialbility” for themselves in the form of the defense: “The conSultants made us do it”,  which of course is an offshoot to “The Devil made me do it”, which  sinners try on St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.  

In Para 3, they vow commitment to providing “meaningful engagement opportunities ...” This is redundant, not just because in a democracy it is a citizens’ right  to address their  government. At issue is that the Trust earholes are welded shut. This shifts the blame from the people tongues to the Trust’ ear-plug. Disconcerting is that instead of working
to open their ears, they pick our pockets to pay “firms” to fake listening on the Trust’s behalf.

In Para 4, “they” continue chanting the “amendment” mantra, insinuating  the amendment  will be stored somewhere to be referred to, if the need should  ever arise. Like the “War Measures Act” ... It is all for the sake of being ready, like the BC  Legislature was made wood-splitter ready by prudent Craig James.
The above are on the left  column of the leaflet. The right column is given to the scope of the  “Islands 2050 Statement Amendment Project”.  What they say is meager in extent and pitifully poor in substance. It consists of meaningless platitudes floated in a vacuum of common-sense. There is no delineation of what they want to change nor what they want to change it to. No word of what they want to rescind, and nothing of what they want to add.
The “amendment” is necessary they say  because the Policy that resulted in the Trust we now suffer is “30 years old”. Well, the Trust itself is half-a-century old, and has outlived the reasons for its genesis long ago, (which were to avert a spill-over of Magic Lake Estates). A re-consideration of the Trust on the  “Zero Basis” method is long overdue. We urgently need a respite from the Trust’s unabashedly declared perpetual forage for human activities “to regulate by permit.”

But there is another gem in that. They “justify” their request for authorization to fix the Trust  30 years in advance, for 2050, because the current bad state of the Trust is due to its  Policy Statement being done 30 years ago!  This is what the Trust is spending our money on ...

They chant this nonsense to fool the innocent to participate in the plan to create fake optics of the Trust being endorsed by the public to screw us till 2050. The intent is wicked the approach is stupid.

The remaining 3/4 of the leaflet is crammed with “opportunity offers”  to submit ourselves to be head-counted swearing allegiance  to Trust.  The idea behind this bulk-mailed leaflet is to amass a large number of “bulk” responses which would be reported to have supported the “amendment”. This they will flash to critics of the amendment to deflect blame for the sinistry of the outcome and attribute it to the failure of the critics to take one of the opportunities to present their smart solutions.

The former GG,  the Rt. Hon David Johnston exposes the persuaders’ dirty trick of heaping rubbish to cover up the Truth. This explains the heap of Propaganda opportunities the Trust and its hired tongues offer to placate us with so as to keep the Trust monkey on our backs.

It would be nice if the Trust could muster what it would take to dis-affirm its vows to the “firm” and post the changes it salivates for, alone, bare naked on the stage, “precissssssly” like Jack Webster would say and Bill VanderZam would proclaim “fuuuuuuuntastic!  


Bits & Bytes

Draconian Measures

Trudeau and his son, one after the other, invoked the War Measures and the Emergencies Act. People cried out “Draconian”!

What makes a Law Draconian is being harsher than necessary.

Draco codified the Laws of Athens in the 7th Century BC. They were harsh at the start and by the time 6th Century rolled in, civilization had advanced by leaps and bounds and had rendered Draco’s code intolerable. Solon produced a new code in sync with the stage of civilization Athens had attained.

Over the millennia, Law reform seekers emphasize the need for change by calling the existing Law “draconian”. Not unlike calling “Luddites” users of pre-Windows Computers.

Solon would be a blessing – Now, Here.

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