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Posted August 11, 2023

To Exorcise BC Government Racism

Midday on a sunny day, a few years ago, in the spring of 1941, in Pyrgos town near the birthplace of the Olympic games, an aeroplane circled overhead showering leaflets. They informed us that they,  Nazis and Fascists, were about to occupy the place and urged us to behave. They said they would not hurt us for as long as we were passive and do as told by them. They did arrive the next day. Their  sèjour felt long and abhorrent and we “resisted” ...

This memory was triggered by the “BC Demographic Survey” literature, currently  soaring on the BC  airwaves. What is that you wonder?  Well, it is a many ugly things, all disguised, for they are disgusting, dishonest and overall unfit for citizen consumption. Let them say what it is:

[FAQ]  What is the purpose of the BC Demographic Survey?

[A]   This survey identify systemic racism in government programs and services and make B.C. a more equitable province.

[PLUS]   We also need to provide clear direction on how to collect this information in a culturally safe way.”

They then define:

equitable / Equity: something is fair and just for everybody it may refer to many things, including programs, services and society as a whole”.

These show  the “Survey” corrupt. What “they” seek is a licence for the politicians to dish out vote-bait to various fragments of society so as to “duly elect” the politicians who cast the baited hook.

The deceptively billed “Demographic” Survey is a scheme to enlarge the existing anti-racism legislation, they say. But while this may appear being a proper objective, the Survey is a “garbage in, garbage out” operation. That is why they move surreptitiously, under cover, in the hollow belly of  a Trojan Horse, like the one Ulysses used to destroy Troy.

It is “they” who devised the Survey questionnaire;  it is “they” who will gather the input from the innocents who would bite the bait; it is “they” who will regurgitate the answers; and it is “they” who will inform us about  “our” overwhelming desire to let them rape the truth and screw us. All meant to maintain their tenure at the Public trough. Hallelujah ...

As a child I read a dog-eared book, a survivor-copy of the intensely burned Max Nordau classic “Social Lies” book. What an eyeopener that was. But “le plus ça change le plus ça reste le meme”.  JK Galbraith re-packaged the theme and sold the “Social Lies” as being “Conventional Wisdom”!  Now, the politicians seek to add to the heap of Lies and Wisdom the BC Demographic Survey Rubbish.

What they are doing is building themselves a facility similar in scope with the ventriloquist’s arrangement. They want to make it appear that we, the people, are desirous to have the politicians dictate how we think and how we behave; whom we trust and whom we suspect;  whom we loath and whom we love; and so on.  This subjugation they want to make appear as being us using  Democracy to direct them to manipulate us as if we were dummies.

It would be “racism”, sort of, to presume that the racists in our midst are stupid. They are not, and surely they would not parade tooting their racism to the “Anti-Racism Police”, no more so than a submarine skipper would ring the ship’s bell while stalking a convoy. Racism does exist and the ongoing demonization of racists is bound to drive racism underground, where racism would thrive sheltered from exposure and debate,  which the wrongs and lies cannot survive.

The Survey outcome will create “opportunities” for things and privileges and foster  “racial sensitivities” to take advantage of the opportunities. The  Survey will open the floodgates to the various sectors of the society who may claim relief from some racism-generated pain. The politicians    would then trade “relief” for votes.

I am aware that it is unfair to contrast the politicians we get to Nazis and the Fascists. I have suffered myself the brunt of the Hitler-Mussolini duo, as well as lesser evils and I appreciate the gradation of oppression. But I have learned that ignoring the “Worst” must not detract from the need for vigilance against the “Less Bad”. After all mighty-oaks-from-a-little-corn-grow”.

There is an awesome paradox to prohibiting comparing our current rulers to renowned “Bads”.  Such prohibition, according to Survey stuff, amounts to racism against me. This because  a guy of my tribe, Sophocles, embedded in my culture the supreme axiom “Hear all sides of the story before you decide”. This has since found its way into the culture of the whole of humanity. But this the Survey instigators resolutely oppose, as they train us to shoot whoever they tag “enemy”.

The “hear all sides of the story” principle is not meant to protect Peter and Paul, the Apostles, each peddling a particular part of Paradise. What Sophocles had in mind, was the merit of having the Devil peddle Hell, in parallel to Peter and Paul flogging Mary and Heaven.

Socrates, another elder of my tribe, said: “Think for Yourself”. Let’s do that.

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