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Posted May 17, 2019

Trust website elements – 3rd Installment (continued)

This is third cluster of Website elements I deem essential or desirable on the Trust website, presently under revamp triggered by the 2017 SSI Referendum on  urbanization.  Items Nos 1-5 and 6-10 appeared in the April 19 and May 3 Marketplace – read them online.

As a reminder, these  Website elements are, by and large, taken from a list I submitted to the Trust in the  2013 Website revamp. The re-submission is necessitated by the Trust having refused to consider the issues at that time; and because they “reconstructed” the Website for the worse; and because now they have hired a consultant to do another revamp of the Website, in a drive to generate public apathy that would let the Trust “reform” itself, as per the December 18, 2018,   Chairman Luckham’s proposal to the Minister, exposed in the January 8, 2019. Marketplace.

We are yet to hear from the Be the Change Consultants! Worrisome, is it not?

Here is the third instalment from my 2013 List of website elements.

11.   “Who drinks coffee with whom” a.k.a “Trustees’ and Chair’s Reports”:

Replace this staple slot in the Trust meeting agendas with a  Website page for “Trustees’s News”. After all, if there is something the citizenry should know, it should be communicated to more than the half-a-dozen “members of the public” attending Trust meetings.

It is imperative that the “reports” include “news” the Trustees and the Chair may wish, or be inclined to hide.  Look at the public appreciation of the exposure of the matters Mr. Craig James would rather hide ...

This page should not be exclusively for the Trustees to brag. Citizens should be invited to report what they notice the Trustees doing, too.

12.  “Honoraria”, travel and other  reimbursements:

Publish the expense claims of Trustees and Staff Brass. The accounts should include items charged, even if purchased for the benefit of the Trust, like that lovely log-splitter, prudently procured to ensure that foul weather would not impede the Legislature governing us.

Of special interest is travel and ancillary expenses we pay nilly willy for the colonial overseers whom the metropolis dispatch to ensure that the LTCs remain true to the Trust line of Truth.  This needs no arguing in the post Plecas, Mullen James & Lenz circus show era.

13.  Respect citizens’ right to Privacy:

There are instances where privacy protection is warranted.  Encourage participation by “anonymous” for often people in sensitive situations have important things to say. This in line with  Secret Ballot, Whistler-blower Protection laws and Two-tier Confession Booths.

Advertize the accommodation of anonymity c/w the stipulation that if and when reasonable suspicion arises, the onus is on the summiteers to prove that the submission is not “fake news”.

Post “denials” of submissions, c/w the subject but without the offending statement, e.g. “Submission #372 about the flowers and bees; omitted for being deemed Pornographic; #373 claim to being born to a male; omitted for being deemed a Lie; etc.  The author of a denied submission, or any other citizen can challenge a denial solely  on the basis of the reasons given for the denial.

14.   Bylaws and Resolutions:

“List & Link” all the bylaws and all the Resolutions made by LTC, ExCom and the Council. Identify the Mover, Seconder and the Trustees who voted  For or  Against.

Declare that any “Bylaw” that is not on the Website Bylaw List remains invalid and  cannot be enforced by the Trust’s “Police Department” a.k.a “Bylaw Enforcement Office”, nor used for any other purpose until it has been posted on the Website for at least 30 (?) days.

15.  Public Hearings must be meaningful:

The Trust’s obligation to do its business in public includes the obligation of Trustees to listen to people. But it does not obligate the Trustees to act on what they are told. However, they must account for their decision to do or refuse to do what they are told, within, of course the bounds of what is  pragmatic.

Certain is that the Trust has no licence to hide public submissions, nor yet  the Trustees’ and Staffs’ reaction to submissions.  Among other reasons, because the people are entitled to monitor the performance of the magistrates. Accountability has the pre-requite of transparency.

Pertinently, when I submitted the original list in the 2013 reconstruction of the Trust Website, the Trust quickly and secretly westebasketed it. Now, after feeling the need to appear usurping themselves for the people in reforming the Trust, (Luckham’s December 18, 2018 epistle to Minister Robinson), instead of dusting off and considering that submission (and likely other submissions  they may have suppressed), they rushed to retain consultants to carry pseudo consultations on Website reform by asking the people whether the Trust sells “banking services” and engages in “road pothole patching”.

Yet they suppressed my work  thereby unduly overburdening me to re-submit it now. Information is power, and when the magistrates hide information they steal power from the people, which means eroding democracy and boosting despotism.

All these manifest the need to make it obligatory to publish the information they now “steal” with abandon from the society.  

Advertise that written submissions to a public hearing received in advance will be Listed & Linked on the Website as they arrive, and so would  papers handed in at the Hearing event.  After the Public hearing post the  “Draft Minutes” and annotate them with any  “Amendments” requested by citizens, all in the manner delineated in respect to correspondence and other items above. Recognize and respect citizens who labour to make a contribution to the governance of society.


Tom V.

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