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SSI  Governance – what is all about?

The Trust was imposed from above, it was not sought by the people. It was and remains, other than a true local government despite professing to being that. The (unusual, to say the least), genesis of the Trust has morphed through the half century of it existence to a peculiar “government” entity.

Its conduct over the years has alienated islanders and has caused calls for a reconsideration of the Trust, preferably with the Zero Basis approach.

Salt Spring Island is now in the process of considering incorporation into a municipality. One recognizes that a significant push in that direction is exerted by the need to evade the Trust.  No, the people of Salt Spring are not allowed to get out of the Trust but, given that they have not been denied the right to full local self- governance, they seek to distance themselves the furthest they may from the Trust.

In  this room of Alcy House, we will showcase information, analysis and synthesis of aspect of the SSI Incorporation debate.
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