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Posted April 5, 2024

“Voter bussing” is Democratia bashing

“Political Parties are potent engines, by which cunning,  ambitious and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the People and to usurp for themselves the reigns of Government.”                        George Washington

On March 30, 2024, a CBC podcast informed us that:  

“Elections Canada chief says he has 'no authority' to intervene if voters are bussed in for nomination races.”   The title isclarified: “Before the public inquiry into foreign interference, Lawyer Gib van Ert asks Stéphane Perrault of Elections Canada about its authority to intervene when voters are bussed into another riding to fraudulently cast ballots in a party's nomination contest.”

In the podcast clip Perrault appears terse.  After Gib van Ert did not press this issue Perrault left quickly.

Gib van Ert may had reasons of his own.  But for the purpose I pursue here, to wit understanding  Democratia, I would ask Perrault a few questions about the scope of his Office, his mandate, his duty to society. Questions such as: Does bussing “voters” to  nomination races, compromise  Democratia, or does it not?   

Said in a word, Perrault’s testimony is not credible. His mandate is to conduct fair elections and to do that he must ensure that all the components  of the electoral apparatus are shipshape and wrenches are not  thrown into the gearbox. The Chief ought to have read Plato but if he is remiss, surely he has heard the computer  geeks’ cry “garbage in, garbage out”.

Perrault is duty bound to assert on the election ballot each candidate’s PoParty (PoliticalParty) affiliation for the guidance of the voters.  “Bussing voters” is a “dirty trick”, deployed to steal PoParty nominations, which is subversing Democratia.  It is depressing to see the Electoral Officer testifying to that, in effect, he is an accomplice, even if unwilling,  to stealing elections. Yes, it is a duty of the Chief to ban merchants of Political Power from the temple of Democratia.

I will take things a step further and ask Perrault to explain his Office pandering to the PoParties, to predators of Democratia, which PoParties are by definition.  It is imperative that we recognize the subversive nature of the PoParties and abandon illusions of democratia in their shadow.

Let Perrault explain to us how elections could be fair, when those who seek our trust to represent us have already surrendered their souls to a PoParty Boss and have submitted  themselves to a PoParty “Whip”.  

Since 1974, PoParty affiliation of candidates is on the ballot.  If I remember correctly, this was started “unofficially” by Perrault’s predecessors. It all appears  innocuous or benign, but it is vile. It is surreptitious corruption of the electoral system, it is metamorphosing  a shield of freedom into boots for tyrants. The  will of the voter is diluted, the “power” transferred to PoParties.

Let’s illuminate the difference between Democratia and “PoPartioctatia”: the former excludes governance by anyone other than the people themselves. PoPartyocratia precludes self-governance of the people and imposes governance by others, namely by one or a bunch of PoParties.

Democratia is self-governance of the people, done by the people, for the People, as Abe Lincoln adroitly put it.  In contrast, PoPartyocracy is perpetual infighting by cliques and gangs, formed to neuter democratia, as Geo Washigton put it.

The presence of  the candidates’ party affiliation on the ballot dilutes the voters input and shifts  the emphasis to the PoParties. This for the benefit of those whom democratia exists to exclude.

It is not only the Electoral system the PoPatrties have a stranglehold on. They conrol all the Three Estates who “govern” us. By controlling the elections, they control the Legislative Estate. As for the Executive Estate, only a PoParty Boss can become Prime Minister.  As for the Judicial Estate ...  Well,  it is fabulously “independent”, we are told ad nauseam. So let’s look it up: On April 10, 2018, Justice Ward Branch issued an interesting ruling in the case  David Trapp v Liberal Party of BC. Trapp had claimed that the Liberal government of BC had misappropriated public money to do advertising favouring the Liberal party in the then upcoming election. The Judge tossed the case, ostensibly due to Trapp having wrongly charged the Liberal Party for the doings of the BC Liberal Government!

This is interesting because it implies that the PoParties elect and install the government and then wash their hands clean, Pontius Pilate fashion, of responsibility for the government conduct.  This is not far from the USA having loaded the “Little Boy” in its belly, dispatched  Enola Gay, the big airplane, to nuke Hiroshima. Imagine America claiming innocence for the Hiroshima atrocity on the basis that it was the Enola Gay pilot Paul Tibbets and his crew who did the Hisoshima thing!  Presto, America is innocent about the evaporation of Hiroshima!

Le’s be pragmatic ...

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