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October 8, 2021

To Be Free and Avant Garde

If elections would change things, would have been abolished –   Mark Twain

Salivating at the triumph of John Horgan and other Premiers who exploited the Pandemic “electoral opportunity”, Justin Trudeau edged toward doing likewise.  He noticed Horgan dangling a  $1,000 bill in front of each BC voter. Neither the police nor the electoral officer took notice of it and the trick worked fine for him.

Trudeau pondered “copy-catting” Horgan. But paying $1,000 Canada-wide sums up very big and he feared it could  trigger a WE Bribery  public “misconception”. He tinkered with the trick and chose to pay $500 on the barellhead  to voters aged 75 or older; and  would bill the bribe a “free gift” because in the Dad-Trudeau’s “Just Society” we live and are taxed, gifts are no taxable.  Of course grantdarents have family who could spread the “free- gift” gratitude Canada-wide like hot butter on hot toast.

On August 15 the past, Trudeau trod through the garden path from “his” TRideau 22-room TRideau Cottage to TRideau Hall for a cupa and some chit-chat  with his neighbor, Julie Payette .... oops!  Mary Simon I should have said, the GiGi. The two decided to fire the 338 MPs whom the people of Canada had hired to govern on our behalf our society.

Calm down, don’t be appalled by the heavy-handed pair because the blame, most of it anyway, should be directed at the MPs, current and past. They all capitulated to the bullies whom they are meant to control and surrendered the peoples’ parliament to political party-bosses.

On August 16, Chrystia Freehand began handing out crisp $500 bills to seniors, thereby freeing Trudeau to sell the election to the nation. He said it was because he, all by himself, had determined that unknown to us, we were anxious to give him more MPs so that his gang would overwhelm numerically the other gangs combined. In effect he was after power to defang the “watchdogs” we had charged to guard against “bullies” “governing” us.

Let’s not entertain illusions that tyrants would, from  the good of their heart, give up tyranny.  Freedom is not given, it must be taken, by definition.  Deliberately misleading the electorate  is a serious matter for it amounts to stealing freedom from the people and this permits no more than zero tolerance for the perpetrator.

In a “Representative Democracy”, the opposition is expected to oppose the wrongs a government may attempt. “Opposing” includes “stopping” – Isaac Newton got the last work on that.   The current opposition proved inept and remiss to its duty to halt the Trudeau folly.

Why should the PM have the facility to disregard the Canada Elections Act at pleasure? The answer is traceable to successive waves of “leaders” having  corrupted the political system of Canada so much so that the 40M of us could not kick in the ass a person contemplating pilfering from our pockets $610M to “gamble it” for more power to “govern” us. Lest we govern ourselves, lest we institute meaningful Democracy.

Yet worse, if you can imagine worse, is that most of us do not notice that. This is not our fault either. It happens because we cannot discern wrongs in what we are  indoctrinated into and made to live with. In this instance we cannot see democracy for it is  suffocating under the thick layer of party-o-cracy which “they” have  superimposed on us.

The MPs had the facility to defend the institution, their mission and yes, their jobs. They  could sidetrack their “mutual animosities” to let the public good roll through. They could unite themselves into a “Party of the Whole”;  inform the GiGi that Trudeau no longer had the “confidence” of the House; and that  jointly they had it. This would compel the GiGi to toss Trudeau and call on them to form a government.

In the unlikely event the GiGi would not go along, the “united parliament” could call in the Raging Grannies to don their flowery hats and lead a public rally in front of the  TRideau Hall, to serenade the occupant. But this would not likely happen because if contemplated, Trudeau would cut and run to a podium to do his forte, to profoundly apologize for contemplating the election.

Yes,  Erin O’Toole called on us, the electorate, to punish Trudeau for doing the election and to enthrone him,  O’Toole, in Trudeau’s former post  as a reward  for failing to stop Trudeau holding the election ...

The “Change”  Trudeau proclaimed “essential” to continue governing us, was denied him.  This has left the pre 2021 regime subdued, if not in disarray. We should not be made to suffer passively until the next election.  The opportunity for democracy remains  pending. The MPs can unite into a “Party of the Whole” for the term of this parliament, proclaim no confidence in Trudeau and restore the Parliament to its real purpose of governing the society.

The logistics of a party-less parliament are discernable –  the benefits unimaginable. This is a great opportunity for Canada to show the World what a party-free Democracy can be and do. After all, we Canadians are from the World, let’s do that for the World. We  will feel again proud to be Canadians  and God ony knows how badly we need that.  NB: This is abbreviated from the October 3 piece:  “Post Mortem to Election”  

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