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Posted April 21, 2023

Our Children, Tomorrow’s “Us”

“Florida governor Ron DeSantis signs the Parental Rights in Education bill at Classical Preparatory school, March 28, 2022 in Shady Hills, Fla. The controversial bill is otherwise known as the 'Don't Say Gay' law.”                (Douglas R. Clifford/Tampa Bay Times/The Associated Press)

This is the caption to  a picture depicting DeSantis at a desk, flanked by half dozen children in school uniform and a back row of 11 adults, one looking like schoolmaster or  bodyguard. They all are jubilant as if they were the HMS Victory crew after Trafalgar.

Parental Rights in Education is “slogan-ed” “Don't Say Gay”, which insinuates  parental rights clash with the freedom of speech. Don't Say Gay is the latest aphorism in the now  hot slogan wars.

The notion of Parental Rights is a neophyte, hence my curiosity:  What are these rights? Whence they emanate? Who endangers them? Is Motherhood under attack? Why should the state protect them?

It is my thesis that our Children are ours but we do not own them. We cannot sell or trade them. We cannot give them the “rod”, even if we believe “to spare the rod would spoil the child”.

We are compelled by the state to submit our children to schooling. Teachers break them in for life in the “Box”, not unlike horse trainers brake-in horses for a life harnessed to carts and plows. This, in addition to the “education” we give them at home; and that provided by the prophets of the “economy” via the Mass Communication Media; and that drilled into their young minds by the Clergy, to whom we were delivered too and who instructed us to deliver our children to them for “salvation” from the Devil.

This education package is, by and large, a survival kit to sustain us in the Box for our whole  life. Look at the lack of “leisure” in the school curricula.  Leisure being  the time left us to do “our thing” after contributing our effort in producing the sustenance for ourselves and those in our “trust”, to wit our children, and fellow citizens outside the labour force.  

Smart chaps like Bertrand Russell have warned us against letting the “education system” scramble the minds of the young. We have not responded because the “Free Press” diligently denigrates such  advice and drowns it in waves of nonsense.  Instead they condition us to seek gratification by attending church, following  team “sports”, and paying clowns to make us laugh, lest we think or cry.  

There are no parental rights other than the satisfaction of seeing our children capable of living well and carry the species forth. This right “they” steal from us by turning our children into cogs of the monster apparatus which makes kids makers of, and fodder to cannons too.

But there are Children’ rights, theirs by virtue of being born. There is the right to sustenance and shelter. Integral to that are the Children’ rights to protection of their body and soul from predators. These we think we do, but we do not.  

Especially grave to their and the society’s well-being is our failure to protect the young against the predators of the Mind. Given that the predominant characteristic of humans is Mind Prowess, the significance of that failure is tantamount to severing the wings of seagull chicks.  We  are conditioned to deem these predators being a  benevolent lot, angels of nirvana. They are the Clergy and  other Propaganda legions who scramble the minds of the young,  who mutilate the Conscience we are born with, and turn us into  “Lord-fearing” flock.

Would parents do such inhuman things to their offsprings? Of course we would not if we had not been brainwashed to do so.  In effect it is not us who do it, it is “they” who make us do it. No human is born so stupid as to  protect the young from paedophiles only to deliver them to Mind-rapists ... To put it bluntly we are victims aiding and abetting the raptors to victimize our beloved – it does not get much worse!

We were delivered by our parents to the Mind Scramblers to burn into our minds the  rubbish that makes us deliver our children to their predators thinking  we exercise  “parental rights”.  It is not us, it is “they”, the Establishment, making us accomplices in their serialized crime against humankind. When Governor DeSandis, St. George fashion protects parents’ rights, he performs what he was programmed to do, that is all.

Parents have no rights vis a vis their children. But they have the duty to protect the children at least    until they can think for themselves – perhaps for life.  We do protect ourselves for life against  charlatans, snake oil vendors, muggers, sex offenders, or plain thieves. Those who sleep in the parks are victims of us being lax in our duty to prevent this happening.

Let’s break out of the vicious circle of being accomplices to victimization of our children, our tomorrow’s “us”.

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