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Posted April 7 2023

Vote me Canada’s Last Dictator

By definition, Freedom is not given, it need be taken. A society must use force to dislodge the barriers to Reason. (The French, American and Russian Revolutions). That is why I offer myself to play dictator for a day, for a lone day.

“Demo” is the Greek word for “populace”, for us, the people.  “Crato” is Greek for “hold”.  “Cratia” is the state of holding. The Greeks united the two words to name their brainchild “Democratia”. It denotes holding fast on the human BirthRight  to be free.

The Greeks lived it out and tasted the Golden Age. Then the forces of Darkness abused that  freedom to drive in the Dark Ages. Seven centuries after Dante Alighieri begun unravelling the Darkness from the Dark Ages, we are still ravaged by the relics of that abominable epoch. We suffer the consequences Plato warned against when he predicted that “trouble will remain endemic until the Philosophers displace the Kings at the helm of the ship of humankind, the Space Ship Earth.

Kings personify “Muscle-Power” –  Philosophers personify “Mind-Prowess”. Plato suggested we adhere to Reason for that is what we are good at. But we relaxed our guard and the Kings hit back hard.  Fathom this, if you can: Kings took a product of the Philosophers, the splitting of the atom, and did the atrocities of Hirosima and Nagasaki.

Democracy is a corrupt word, linguistically and pragmatically. The suffix “-ia”, as in “democratia”, is firmly adopted into English and there was no reason to supplant “-cy” for “-ia” in “democra-tia”. But somebody did.  The corrupt “Democracy” is used to obscure the  establishment’s stranglehold on the populace, instead of Democratia which  depicts the people holding on to their BirthRight to govern themselves.

We endure all that only because “they” have scrambled our minds so badly that we cannot envision how the economy would survive and “grow” without us “earning” a living building nuclear attack submarines and intercontinental missiles.

Abe Lincoln’s asserted “You can fool some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time”. This is popular because it raises the hope that sometime, somehow, enough people would resist being fooled and break the routine of been “governed” by politicians elected by “fooled” voters.

The Establishment ensures that ballots are populated by “friendly” folk. This ensures that  voters’ only option is to chase the “lesser evil” on the ballot. Churchill contributed to fooling the people when he insinuated that if we change the “democracy” we have, we will get something worse. “Fear of the worse” is of course, favoured fare of all persuaders, including God’s agents.

Moses “Tablets” are outdated and so are Magna Carta and the US Constitution. “They” keep these fossilised systems in place to maintain the “occupied” red sign on the door thereby denying relief to the people. And this must end.

Even a Single-Day-Dictator candidate has to make electoral promises and  that I will do. No I will not promise to bring you rivers so that I may build you bridges. But I will bring a few planks to stand on and speak from.

One of my planks decries Churchill’s defeatism and resignation to forever love and live with the “less bad”. Demoracy is not “better than”, it is the Best Forever because it sheds the existing and embraces the Best that made the existing redundant.

We need restore faith in that “better is inexhaustible” and our destiny is to “forever chase the Better”.  We are made like that, that is how we rachet our way to the apex of the Food Pyramid.

Another plank would be to rekindle our self-assurance. We cannot live our lives soaked in self-pity, forever lamenting the history of the human race.  We need restore the essential faith in ourselves, to assert that we all are “Numero Uno”, that we deserve the best possible. We were not meant to be meek, for there is no redemption in subservience.

Another yet plank is the reality that ideas grow everyewhere, frequently unpredictably. And that “ideas” are the ultimate resource of humans and we all have a stake in them being presented, exposed, developed, each becoming a stepping-stone to bigger and better things. Those of us who “create”,  be it the “Ninth”, the heart-pacemaker, an opera, the Hotdog, or the zipper, do it for all of us. Creators’  minds are “public”,  the fruits of their creativity is our “wealth”.  Let’s foster a climate in which our “malcontents”, can thrive.

We need disperse the Minority vs. Majority antagonism myth. Neither has an exclusive on the Best – Totality has it.  Hence, we need  focus on the Totality concept.

On these planks I will move a ready-to-function, Ideas Bank edifice. Once in place it will be yours,  mine and everyone else’s to use. On the marquee, I will write in neon:

Your Ideas are also Ours –  Our Gratitude is Wholly Yours.

Then I  will switch on the marquee and rush to join the celebration for the demise of the last Dictatorship and the renaissance of Democratia.

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