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Posted January 12, 2023

We owe “them” our mistrust, for “they” have earned it
On December 21, while we were struggling to buy Christmas cheer at highly inflated pricetags with seriously deflated Dollars,  we were bombed by government unmarked drones.  The objective was to soften the target, us, so that “they” could quash our fundamental Democratic right to debate the government’s spending  $7B on 16 F-35  Lockheed Martin Stealth attack aircraft.

“The Department of National Defence recently received quiet approval to spend $7 billion on 16 F-35 fighter jets and related gear”, we were told. When “recently”? Approval from whom? What is “quiet approval”? Why was  the news “leaked” out when we were shopping for Christmas trees, trimmings and turkey?

In CD Howe fashion, I rhetorically ask: what is $7 Billion?  And answer:

$7B = 7,000 x $Million = the lifetime earnings of 13,300 average Canadian workers. That is what it is ...

This government’s “recent, quiet, approval” of $7B for 16 planes is equivalent to a court of law “sentencing” 13,300 Canadian workers to a lifetime of labour without parole, for  having done no wrong, unabashedly trampling their right to tell a court their side of the story! That is what $7B amounts to (In 2021 the lifelong income of the average Canadian worker was $526,300).

If a judge would go that far, 13,300 appeals would choke the courts more so  than when the cops brought in the Raging Grannies of Carmanah.  The verdict would be instantaneously overturned. But when Trudeau’s PMO “steals” $7B to buy Stealth aircraft, the people have no escape. We are forced to accept it and blame ourselves for the atrocity due to having “duly elected” Trudeau from  the two “candidates” we were graciously allowed to pick from.

The news release is rife with PR innuendo;  the information is attributed to “Two [mystery] defence sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss matters not yet made public” (Heavens above !). This is the vocabulary of a hard core PR (Professional Propagandists) in action fooling-the-people.

Incidentally, how are we to gauge the success, “of the $7B expenditure? Do our “leaders” expect the 16 planes to kill more than 13,300 “enemies”? Just wondering!

I am writing this because the event is neither a singularity nor of less than utmost importance. Overall the event is way worse than the $7B heist. It is disconcerting that  over the years “they” have rendered the nation numb, incapable of stopping “them” perpetrating crimes such as spending such sums on killer aircraft while many of us sleep in the streets. I for one, and I am not alone, ask “them” to come out and explain that to us ...

How many of us know that at this moment “they” are also buying two Airbus A330-200 to replace the pair of Airbus A150's Brian Mulroney had bought for himself and which were cleverly named “Polaris” to hide the fact that they were Airliners? The cost for upgrading from Mulroney to Trudeau is a mere $136M, but we do not know if it includes the customization of the airplanes.  A mere 258 workers’ lifetime earnings for Justin’s extra comfort.

Over a couple of decades ago on an East bound transatlantic overnight flight. After the airborne dinner, passengers were napping and a couple of gentlemen, me being one, were at the tail of the aircraft smoking cigarettes, drinking scotch and chatting with the stewardesses. At the time Canada was buying the CF–18s and the media was abuzz with the purchase. This came up in our conversation, but the other gentleman kept  rolling his eyes silently. Then he spoke. He spoke about freedom,  not from the Commies but of freedom that you cannot experience any other way than flying an F-18 up high in the sky. He went on, unstoppable, using superlatives eliciting awe as he was struggling to give us a taste of an F-18. He did not once mention defending the land or killing enemies, nothing of that sort. He signed off telling us that for a living he was flying F-18s. Eat your heart out Justin!

I have another story, one you may know because it was on TV. After Brian Mulroney sent Canadians on the attack in Bushs’ Iraq  war,  an F-18 pilot, proud like a cock showed the shell of a spent cartridge from the “first bullet Canada fired-in-anger” after Lester Pearson had turned Canada into “peace-keeper for the World”. Admirable ...

“Anger”? For Sadam whom the Bushs had armed with fictitious “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, the myth sold the World as the justification for killing more than 100,000 kids Sadam had drafted into an army and armed with “slingshots”, relative to F-18s, that is.

Incidentally, personally I feel that our drydock-stored rusty submarines suffice to keep at bay all the enemies we have. What is your take on that?

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