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Posted July 30, 2021

Democratics of the Pandemic

In 2020 the human race was hit by the COVID19 virus. Its birthplace is disputed, but  its capacity to advance was quickly recognized as it speedily spread Earth-wide. It all happened so quickly that  no country had time to understand its nature, much less figure out how to bar it from crossing its borders.  Politicians, being themselves vulnerable, panicked and stepped aside to let those who could do it, the medical professionals to have a go at it.   

The Medicos approached it on two fronts: One was to contain it where it would pop up. This necessitated travel restrictions and curfew, thereby confining people to their “bubbles”. This has its own “democratic” issues but I will bypass that to focus on the  other front the Medicos opened in the war. This  was a rush research effort to develop a vaccine with which to kill the virus by lining up “mercenary” antibodies that would be to viruses what cats are to rats.

The effort came to fruition and by now some 80% of us (over 12) have been vaccinated. We took the jab because those who know best (the Medicos)  explained matters to us. The explanation was adequate and we trusted them to lead us out of the pandemic. We know they are not infallible but they are the “best available” to help us at this juncture.  
The Medicos’ record in fighting endemic diseases is admirable. In the past they have led us to victory in many wars against germs: Smallpox, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Polio ...   In the process they  won our confidence and while we do not pin ribbons and medals on their chests, we have great appreciation for them in our hearts.

When they came up with the vaccine, not everyone came out to celebrate. As it turned out, some of us formed a resistance front to the vaccine. Not surprising really, given that even God is opposed by the Devil.  And this for the better, too – imagine how quickly the Justice industry would collapse if God would make us all calm and kind!

Those who deny vaccination do so for “reasons” ranging from needle-phobia to lack of trust in public bodies. The mistrust is fueled by frequent “spills” of politicians and career civil servants lying and showing poor judgement. In contrast, we trust Medicos like Drs Theresa Tam and  Bonnie Henry and by now some 80% of us have been vaccinated.

The vaccination deniers became very upset and took to the streets, waving placards, expressing dislike for the vaccination event and ire at its perpetrators. But it appears they are out to sway us in lieu of convincing us about the merit of their thesis.  Let’s  hear what they say to us, let’s read their placards. Here are some samples: “Vaccines kill”; “I will not Vaccinate”; “Let parents call the shots”; and so on. A creative placard infographic reads:  “Vaccinate This” with the “i” of the “This” resembling Pierre Trudeau’s Salmon Arm middle digit to demonstrators.  Problem is that slogans are like guns without ammunition, fearsome but  benign to the target.  Sad to say, I found no placard calling for the death penalty to the virus.

The protesters have not  identified harm done them by other people getting vaccinated. Since they are not forced to get vaccinated themselves, what are they protesting against?  

Are they seeking to stop the vaccination program?  Are they seeking to get the Government to un-vaccinate those who opted to be jabbed? Are they trying to “save” the remaining unvaccinated people from being “duped” by the Medicos and get vaccinated?

Making us guess their motives is not fair to us either, nor yet to the protesters for they drive us to “guess the worst” lest we miss the crucial.

Could it be that they, being a fraction of the populace, are seeking to prevail over the the rest of us simply because they would like to? Are they posturing against Democracy preventing them “taking power over the society” so as to proclaim a compulsory “vaccination prohibition?”

Thank heaven for democracy. Even lame as the politicians have rendered her (Democracy is “female”, in the original Greek), she protects  80% of us from th 20% who would forcefully “save” us by “disposing” of the Medicos, I presume.

The above notwithstanding, there is some justification for the protestation, and it  is a very serious matter. It is the fact that the protesters’ freedom of speech is supressed by the Establishment who have castrated Democracy, by removing the vital  forum through which citizens can function as members of a free society. This is materially conducive to converting groups to mobs.

What it all boils down to, is how badly we need the Ideas Bank. We must have it, for  without it, trouble will remain endemic, forever, taxing our well-being.    
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