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Posted November 30, 2018

Kerfuffle in the House by the Harbour

I should commence with a disclaimer.  My discussion is not about the culpability or innocence of Messrs Craig James and Gary Lenz. Indeed I know nothing about it or them, the induced ignorance being the spine of my complaint. But I saw through the media the conduct of Mr. Derryl Plecas  and other politicians inexcusable gullibility, reckless conduct and utter disrespect for  fundamental  right of citizens. Because I am aware of this been widespread, I write. End of disclaimer.

On November 20, astute House Speaker Darryl Plecas summoned  the Parties’ House Leaders seeking empowerment from the House to oust the two top ranking officers of the Legislature.  He had found them moonlighting or “double tasking” as criminals, he said. The House Leaders were instantly persuaded to help Plecas “bust the gang” and passed word to their respective flocks to vote without a murmur of dissent for a Motion the Speaker, cum crime stopper, was about to table. This was to resolutely disinfect the House from the miasma of internal crime. The Motion was made and the  primed Members voted unanimously “for” it.

In effect, our representatives, voted publicly to prosecute named individuals and to  parade them before society as perpetrators of unidentified “crime”.  In doing that our MLAs became accessories to that wanton defamation skit and accorded “respectability” to a process oozing “persecution”.

Thus empowered Plecas went on to evict from the House the “criminals” and did  it ceremoniously, ensuring with photo opportunities for the media. This would serve the pair their due for being “bad”, would impress the value of loyalty to  the rest of the House service and raise Plecas profile.

Plecas did not qualify the alleged wrongdoing, but he went all the way to quantify it as being of a “criminal” rating. However there are clues which,  faint as they are, we may follow for these are all we have at the moment. These entrails I will read here in an effort to put two and two together.

It was not the RCMP who sniffed out the “crime”, nor was it the in-House police whose “chief” is the one of the alleged “criminals”. The evicted Officers are not the type of people “known to police” and were not under routine surveillance. The police were “called in” by Plecas, and the call carried the weight of a “person in a high place”.  Then, it was Plecas who exhibited the “guilties” on the show-stage; the police, to their credit,  would not have any part of that, it appears.

The “crime” did not just happen, as one may infer from the speed of the eviction of the “perpetrators”. The story of the investigation as told indicates a continuous crime, dating back at least to the begriming of 2018.  That is when Plecas retained his pal Mullen, Alan Mullen, to investigate.  He let the crime unfold while collecting evidence, one presumes.

Evidently, when called in the Police became perplexed by the “crime” and went to the Attorney General asking for a counsel, to clear the smoke for the police to  discern the target. The AG gave them two counsels, perhaps because the job was bigger than the cops thought it was.

Battles are more often lost by the defeated than they are won by the victor. Plecas, overestimated his prowess and tried to reward his pal Mullen by appointing him “acting” “Sergeant-at-Arms, in the position of Gary Luntz, whom they had just evicted - nice present in appreciation of his “successful” investigation, one would think. To do that, Plecas moved about submarine quietly. He talked, again to Party House Leaders, one of whom is Mary Polac.

Here the plot thickens.  Polac is the Official Opposition Leader and a Liberal, of course. By the time Plecas  sought her nod  to reward Mullen, Polac had become leary about the the whole thing.  She wrote the gist of Plecas plan in a “sworn Affidavit” and true to her mandate, published it for all to see.

After that Plecas ardently needed shoring up and hired retired Judge and former AG, Wally Oppal. Oppal wasted no time in justifying his “StoneWally” moniker. He “Judge-fied” the thick secrecy veil Plecas and his elves had placed over selected parts of the case, by uttering the worn out cliche “case is under investigation”. Breaking the secrecy would be like relaxing the silence of a submarine thereby compromising its potential to sink  the “enemy” ship.

One prays that they would not “settle” the matter out of court and then get Oppal to assure us with the “infallibility” judges claim, that they cannot divulge the amount of the settlement, because secrecy is a condition of the settlement.

The cause for writing this is the frequence by which democracy is violated in our country and the rapes are covered up. From Ottawa to SSI and radially in-between,  elected and appointed officials rape democracy daily and get away with it. Irrespective of whether Plecas did clean the House, or victimized the two officers, the conduct of Placas and the other actors in this kerfuffle must be made to account for their doings. For the sake of Democracy. And the future of Canada.

Tom V.

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