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Posted January 27, 2023

Freedom to Collude

Not often but occasionally it happens. A Mass Communication Medium would quote from another, but rarely if ever, would engage in a dialogue or debate an issue with a counterpart.  It is as if there is a gentleman’s agreement for mutual silence to cover up each other’s errors and failures. This handicaps democracy with consequences permeating throughout the society because democracy functions by having matters thrashed out in public debate, so that people get a grasp the issues they  must decide on so as to make the governance system democracy. It is founded on the principle “do not decide before you hear all sides of the story” which was articulated by Sophocles 2 ½ millennia ago.

What I am saying is that there is no peer review of the news and views appearing in the media. As for the Letter-to-the-Editor section of newspapers, its purpose is to create fake optics of people availing themselves of “freedom of the Press” guaranteed by the UN, the Canadian Charter and other such authorities. This is to pull the carpet from under the feet of astute people who may pursue an accessible and effective communication system.

This results in the people being subjected to a massive unbridled monologue, the harm augmented by the media propagating the stuff politicians utter at scrums and featuring the “news releases” from  those the Press is to keep watch over. The process results in “Induced Illusions of Verity” which make the “Free” Press  the ultimate defender
of  the establishment.  

These have been hovering in my mind for a long time. Visiting the issue now was triggered by a January 8, 2023  Victoria Times-Colonist  column by Trevor Hancock.

Perhaps I should assert that I am exposing a specific instance of public misinformation which may be exceptional to its author or the newspaper. But irrespective of whether intentional or inadvertent, if left unchallenged the stuff is caustic to the cause of democracy and, of course, ultimately to the cause of humanity’s well-being.

“The World Should Pay Heed to Antonio Guterres” is the title of the article, and we are told that he is a former PM of Portugal, currently in a second five-year term as the “Secretary” of the UN. This adds weight to the platitudes he utters and Hancock exalts.

I highlighted points I would take exception to and this resulted in the entire Hancock column turning yellow. Yet, this gauges  only a fraction of my concern, because Hancock is oblivious to the tragic reality,  that the UN with its structural faults and its lethargic performance shackles humanity and excludes the evolution of sensible governance of the Earth.

The UN is 75 years old. Its “1948 Declaration” taps on the conventional Mighty Myths Matrix to hide its affinity for deceit.  No less,  the UN “guarantees” the peoples “freedom of conscience and religion” (S.2 a). This is stupid because these notions are antitheses to each other. Religion mutilates conscience and supplants dogma in the crania of the young. Most of us never recover from that.  

In the interim the UN has ammassed a bureaucracy of 120,000 people, Regrettably, Hancock is less inquisitive than necessary to consider the cost/benetit ratio from the 75 years of the UN bloating. Did he not suspect that people would expect a list of what 120,000 workers produce? I would guess the list of achievement would fit comfortably on a postcard.

Instead of such a list, we get hyperbole like the following sample:  

"He [Guterres] is the most important leader on the planet today, heading up the most important organization [UN] on the planet.”

Hancock forgot to tell us how many times Guterres shuttled to Russia and Ukraine in a relentless effort to prevent the war that threatens the planet, or to stop the insanity, after he and the UN failed to prevent it.

Another highlight from that enlightening article?

“Every other [than Guterres]  president, prime minister, king or sheikh has at the forefront their own country’s interests - or perhaps their own or their party’s or their faith’s interests or their family’s and cronies’ interests.”

So Hancock writes, but does not explain why  Guterres, whose cohort  is choc-a-bloc with the  despicable characters he lists in the quote above, should not be judged “by the company he keeps.”  

What Hancock relates are what Guterres and the UN, are duty-bound to do instead of junketing to Davos to apprise the “economists” of the carbon emision “news” – lest they were unaware of it.  The lethargy and the overall incompetence of the UN, is  painful to the whole world, to the whole Earth. We need dispose of them  and start anew, from the ground up,  to build democracy around the Globe. And this time around, we the populace must do it. For “they” the UN, are way past conceivable self-reform ...   
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