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Posted May 21, 2021

The overly Charitable Trudeaus

A favourite lure Trudeau casts for votes is “Apologies”. He baits the hooks with Dollars, and casts the line into societal pools of people likely to like being apologized to and bite the bait. It seems to work. The practice boils down to purloining money from the public purse to buy votes which, in turn, would distort the outcome of election that democracy would result in if the “apologized-to voters” had not been lured and bribed. Sadly this stealth system is shielded against democratic “accountability” by such armour as Political Correctness and other fearsome instruments used to shore up things that cannot survive the winds of reason.

But it is not only the apologizing Trudeau does on our behalf for the “sins” committed by our ancestors. He causes new apologizing-opportunities and turns around to do the respective apologizing. He does that with gusto manifesting belief in an entitlement to a nation-wide forgiveness. He has become a prolific practitioner of the SRRA&R,  the “Sin–Remorse–Repent–Apologize & Repeat” syndrome.  Trudeau seems to sin for pleasure and apologize for re-election.

No sooner  was he made PM than he took the wife and the kids for a vacation hosted by the Aga Khan on his tropical Island. Khan’s charitable-theological enterprises receive frequent contributions from the Canadian government, this setting the PM in a perceived conflict-of-interest situation when he frolics with the Aga Khan. The event was exposed and this put into the spotlight  the “COI&EC” (Conflict Of Interest and Ethics Commissioner). The then COI&EC Mary Dawson gave Trudeau a  slap on the wrist.

The COI&EC Office has been instituted, ostensibly, as a low-cost alternative to the costly process of dealing with House “scandals” like when Mulroney was caught in a hotel room receiving 300 crisp $1,000 bills from Karlheinz Schreiber. Scandals result in bad publicity for the House and to avert them  “they” built themselves an in-House “justice system” custom made to protect, one or the other way, the MPs and the PM.
In 2018, Trudeau lead the Parliament to select a new COI&EC. They did it “thoroughly independently” (let the political party that would not need a “sympathetic” COI&EC cast the first objection). They chose  Mario Dion to be the  “peoples watchdog” to guard society against politicians’ misconduct. A good choice it turned out to be. At least for Justin if not for justice.

On May 13, 20021 Dion issued the outcome of his investigation of Trudeau and Bill Monreau. Their sin was their implication in a government contract to the “industrialized” WE Charity. The contract was to distribute a $Billion to students for loss of 2020 summer employment due to the Pandemic. The attempt was quickly scuttled to stop it   spreading.
The media brought the Dion verdict out on a Friday, as timed by Dion. The headline in the T-C reads: “PM didn’t violate rules over WE Charity, but Morneau did: watchdog”. Alongside the bold title, there is a photo of Trudeau and his wife on a stage, smiling, flanked by the Kielburger brothers vividly proud to have on stage the Prime Ministerial couple of Canada endorsing the product ...

We do not know if Justin and Sophie did it for pay or pleasure. But we do know that Justin’s brother and mother have been paid handsomely for partaking in WE Charity “celebrations”.  Like past PM Jean Chretien once said, “When you have a good proof, it’s because it’s proven”.  

Many of us,  without being “conspiracy” afficionados, often doubt the sincerity of apologizing politicians.  More so the politician-handpicked watchdog disorienting itself to wag its tail to the hand that feeds it and show its fangs to the rest of us.    

There is another large dimension of significance to this story. It is concern for the integrity  of the system. It is one thing suffering the flaws of the system Churchill talked about – it is another thing to have a Prime Minister on a stage flogging Charity-ware; or another PM in a hotel room pocketing “fees for service” he rendered to a shadowy character. If something happens once, it can happen and it will happen again. Unless it is resolutely uprooted.

There are serious issues with the political parties being allowed an in-House indulgence-giver. As a reminder “indulgences” are "a way to reduce the amount of punishment one has to undergo for sins”. They were marketed by  the Vatican in medieval times, but were discontinued in the 16 th Century. Now they pop up again like thistles  spring from pavement cracks.

This piece would be incomplete without looking at it from the “citizens equality” fundamental Democratic principle. In our milieu, everyday, people galore loose their jobs and  have their careers and reputations ruined instantaneously upon someone accusing them of wrong doing. Yet, as if by divine right, Trudeau did not offer to step aside, while being investigated by the  COI&EC, by other agencies and the people of Canada. Nor was he forced aside by the system. Nor prevented from shredding the documentary evidence against himself, which he did, too.

Was he around,  Cicero would reiterate his famous line:  “O tempora, o mores!”  (= “Oh the times, oh the prevailing morals!”

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