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Posted December 2, 2022

UN battling Hot Air in balmy Sharm el Sheikh

This was the 27th battle in the UN’s relentless war to save the world by taking down the beast that breaths fire overheating our cool planet.  St. George lanced the dragon sometime ago but did not make extinct the species and the devil has raised its ugly head again heating things up. MSt. George being defunded, we have to make do with the UN.  But worry not, the UN will keep on trying, and has already scheduled next year’s battle, COP28, in Dubai. The mascot logo, green in colour, is drawn and the ads are up.  In choosing Dubai for the next battle, the UN recognizes the UAE’s renown aversion to fossil fuel utilization!

The past 27COPs were successful, as each secured the occurrence of the next!  Ok, they have not reversed the frying of the Planet, but only because it takes more than 27 COPs to do the job. Moreover, were the war to be won, the damage to Saviours industry and the loss of opportunities for the UN to make things right would be severe.

Sharm el-Sheikh means Bay-of-the-Wise, but wisdom is not contagious and none of the COP goers appears infected. The Canadian continency was 335 cooling specialists, led by Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault.  It was not the biggest group either, as the UAE had 1,073 delegates.  However, some of them could have attended to learn how to do COP28. Peripatetic Trudeau did not attend because he was conferencing elsewhere and conveniently missed apologizing for Alberta marketing fossil fuels!

UN Secretary General Guterres revealed that “the ultimate goal [was] to encourage [merely “encourage”] action towards the World’s collective climate goals committed to in Paris.” n That  was  COP21 done in 2015.

This whole COP thing is a farce, a serialized gigantic-junketing opportunity for the regulars. They zealously protect that horn-of-plenty and enhance the fun it yields.  Everything was orchestrated to come out as it did in Sharm el-Sheikh – the system was expanded and the future of COPers is bright.  

But we don’t know all.  The scarcity of information about the COP27, including costs, is entirely deliberate, meant to avert public ire for the COP 40,000 who fancy seeing themselves like the 300 of Leonidas who fell  in Thermopylae defending Western Civilization.

Let’s not get lost in the details –  How could conceivably 40,000 talkers do anything in 14 days in-the-sun, other than symposium (= drinking together)?   Such a headcount poses linguistic logistics matching those which caused the Tower of Babel to be aborted. But hold on ... The COP27ers, with a last moment extra push, climaxed the 14 day intercourse triumphantly with the “The Loss and Damage Fund” (“L&DF”).

This is a clever money transfer mechanism.  The prosperous countries who indisputably cause most of the atmospheric roasting would pay money into the L&DF; then the countries who suffer the effects of the pollution would be paid compensation for it.  It sounds fair but it has issues. Clearly the victimized countries would not likely use that money to abate carbon emissions by the prosperous countries.  Then what?  Are the L&DF beneficiaries to buy themselves large  “geodetic” domes c/w cooling fans in which to live comfortably in the temperature they are accustomed to?  If so they should consider buying used Cruise Ships instead of domes.

It looks more like a win-win arrangement.  The L&DF payees will buy the domes from the rich countries thereby boosting their economies; they will also buy oil from Alberta and the UAE to operate the domes’ fans. This will keep the L&DF and the COPS going and growing.  

The UN had the option to dispatch a couple of lawyers to the Hague to get the World Court to order the polluters to indemnify the polluted but did not take that option.  Evidently, the UN does not like going to Court.  

It is highly worrisome that the UN opted  for COPs instead of going to the Hague.  That would had been the decent course to take, I say.  But why would the UN interrupt the COP series, (27 past and countless to come), happening in choice places like charming Sharm el Seikh, wonderful Copenhagen or idyllic Paris?  The world is damned to boil anyway, so, let the UN and pals go down having fun!

Talking about fun, there is plenty to laugh about reading UN’s  “Code of Conduct for UNFCCC conferences, meetings and events”, which provides for “clean fun”.  It De-sexualizes, Robotizes and otherwise De-human-itizes the UN apparatchiks so that they have only clean fun and avert sin.  It reads as if copied from a Code of Conduct of an English-School-for-Girls, circa 1800.  But, thanks for small mercies,  it is short of  commanding and demanding chastity belts be worn.  What a blessed relief, what else may I say ...



Winston’s  Fake Wisdom

People like Churchill are shouldered with the fiduciary duty to be sincere, the obligation emanating from the public trust they elicited to become influential.

“Democracy is the worst form of government – except for all others that have been tried”.

This Churchill embedded in his “Iron Curtain” speech that he delivered to the world through the UK Parliament and a host of other venues.

There is evidence Churchill was insincere but let’s say that he just succumbed to temptation to mitigate for the anticlimax the end of WW2 brought for the super-dynamic old man.  By 1947 Churchill, (if indeed he pondered attacking Russia), found that the world had neither the will, nor the kids to fodder cannons with.  The Cold War was a substitute and Churchill went for it.

This line of Churchill’s has caused immense grief to humanity.  For it has taken the wind from the sails of democracy, has made us live with the Mighty Myth that Democracy is the system we are saddled with, that there is no more left to pursue.

We need get out of that. Soon ...

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