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Alcyone Books was established in 1985 and has been the face of Alcy in cyberspace since 2000. We pride our independence and dedication to Democracy.

Our resources are limited and that is why we are not soliciting or accepting contributions. There is much to be said and we are aware of our limitations.

We do however hold the "Right to Respond" sacred and therefore we offer "equal space" to each and all individuals and to private and public bodies we name so that they may challenge our take on whatever the matter at issue may be.

Currently we focus on the Islands Trust and the governance it provides. We also focus on the underway wrestling of the people of Saltpring Island with the issue of Incorporation into a municipality. The two are closely related as the outcome of the incorporation debate may set the Trust on the demise path. We are proud of our coverage of the “Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform and aspire to do as thorough a coverage of the Trust v. Incorporation study as we did to the Citizens Assembly.

Thank you for visiting the AlcyHome. Please take tour through the rooms of AlcyHome and honour us with frequent visits – we will always welcome you.

Riparian Area Regulation – Czarism in Salt Spring

Riparian Area Regulation  “Czarism in Salt Spring” is our latest book offering.

While of immediate interest to the people of Salt Spring, it is of interest to people everywhere because it reminds us of the duty of free people to keep vigilance over who empower to govern the society.

This book is a lucid exposure of the ways and the means “Czarismatic Custodes” of public affairs use to escape detection when bent on doing what they know the people do not want done.

The September 9, 2017, referendum results call for an examination of the Trust to determine its ills and cures.  “RAR - Czarism in Salt Spring”  dissects the Trust and facilitated the task.  We offer the book in electronic format to that end free of charge as a public service.  It raised concerns, serious concerns but the intent is not apathy, it is to remind us that in a democracy, the people are supreme.  Cheer up, and have a laugh, for the conduct of the Trust is occasionally hilarious...  Enjoy all..
The book is still available at your local bookstores - soft-cover, 210 pages, “9x11”   format, $22.22. Or by e-mailing us at

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